Celebrating Women

This has been a big year for us women. The first female VP, Kamala Harris has shown just how far we’ve come in carving out our deserved place and belonging in the world. We are a woman-owned business so we always strive to highlight and empower our fellow women. In the past few weeks, we’ve … Read more

Our nail specialist, Daniela shares what self-care means to her

Our nail specialists always inspire us and are a wonderful, hardworking group of ladies. They all have their unique stories to tell and come from various different backgrounds. Almost every self-care Sunday, we share a little about our guests from the wellness world but this self-care Sunday we want to highlight our nail specialist, Daniela … Read more

Talking self-care, self-acceptance, and authenticity with Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is a former model, turned yoga queen. She’s the founder of Strala Yoga, featured in a Harvard business case study. Open-minded and self-aware, Tara is no stranger to finding that inner balance and the work that it takes. But the key to it all is kindness-to others and to yourself. Tara was kind … Read more

Self-care sundays with Divya Viswanathan, co-founder of Taza Ayurveda

Both Amy Engel and Divya Viswanathan discovered Taza, an Ayurvedic skincare and wellness brand when they found themselves at a lifestyle imbalance. Both felt as they were losing touch with nature and themselves, overwhelmed with life’s stressors. So they turned to Ayurveda to bring their lives back to balance and with that shared their craft … Read more

Gary Su On Bringing Communities Together With Music

Gary Su and Jon Batiste were able to bring people together with their biggest passion:music. The two organized a peaceful protest in New York City, leading with love, compassion and unity. The protesters were able to use music and art as a vessel to spread the message of Black Lives Matter and effectively bring attention … Read more

Have Your Voice Be Heard

The events of racism and injustice that we’re encountering in the world right now are truly heartbreaking. But this is also a time of change, a time for us to help a fellow human in little ways we can. What keeps this world together and all of its people together is our love and compassion … Read more

Take a look WTHN with Shari Auth

Shari Auth, the co-founder of acupuncture and wellness brand WTHN is no stranger to the work it takes to take care of both mental and physical health. The whole idea behind WTHN is a holistic approach to living, making sure our bodies are healthy and minds are happy.  As we are spending time at home, … Read more

Mindful Tips from Ellie Burrows Gluck, the co-founder of MNDFL

“I don’t try to stay positive all the time – that’s my favorite way to stay positive sometimes. In fact, meditation has really helped me learn how to be ok with experiencing strong emotions like discomfort, sadness, anger or anxiety – you know, the kind of emotions we wish we didn’t have to feel….ever.” -Ellie … Read more

Being Mindful Despite the Challenges: Daily Affirmations to Help Ease Anxiety

At sundays we want to make our clients look good and feel good. We believe beauty is inside and out and that there is no amount of makeup that can replace your beautiful smile or cover what you’re feeling inside. During difficult times like these, it’s natural to feel stressed and sometimes powerless, but it’s … Read more