Amy’s handy tips for a non-toxic at-home manicure

Being indoors for prolonged periods of time inevitably leaves all of us in a state of self-reflection and constantly thinking of ways we can fill our time. With Netflix binge, reading and crafts, it’s natural to forget about pampering oneself and nurturing that inner goddess in you with a little self-care at-home manicure ritual.   Many … Read more

Tea Talk Meditation Tips For First-Timers With Valeria Oula

You’d probably never link mediation to getting your nails done. At sundays, meditation and getting a nontoxic mani go hand in hand! Our sundays founder, Amy Lin, came up with the idea of offering meditation at our studios since most women already use getting a manicure as a way to take a break and find … Read more

Beauty, Wellness, and Pregnancy with Lauren Berlingeri

Pregnancy can change everything—how you live, how you work, how you view the world—but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone, especially moms-to-be, needs to take care of themselves. In a recent episode of Tea Talk with Amy, Amy sat down with Lauren Berlingeri, Co-Founder and CEO of HigherDOSE and mom-to-be (of twins!), about the … Read more

An Honest Glimpse Into Being a New Mother

In our recent Tea Talk With Amy episode 4, I sat down with my good friend and sundays enthusiast, Alana Frankfort of Founders Lab, to have an honest and candid discussion about what it’s like to be a new mother.

An Interview with Nail Artist Frances Liang

Super-talented Nail Artist Frances Liang (have you seen her Instagram @purplenailbox?) has been a longtime friend and collaborator of sundays. She designed and created our super-popular Summer ‘18 Nail Art, and she’s back this season with a brand new set of six new Fall designs for sundays, inspired by reconnection. We sat down with her … Read more

sundays studio: making models health a priority at NYFW

At sundays, we’ve always believed that no one should have to sacrifice their health for beauty, and the same should apply to fashion models. This NYFW, we partnered with some of our favorite fashion brands, with the talented crew of sundays nail artists providing wellness-inspired manicures for models at fashion-filled runway shows. Often seen as … Read more

Learning to be your own bff, with meditation instructor Adreanna Limbach

  Warm, kind, and calming – Adreanna Limbach is the head meditation instructor at MNDFL studios in NYC, as well as a personal development coach. She recently led a guided meditation class at sundays studios, and we were fortunate enough to chat at length about using meditation as a tool for a happier, more fulfilling … Read more

Sustainability & Self-Care with Phoebe Yu

Phoebe Yu is the Founder and CEO of ettitude, a sustainable bedding company, whose luxuriously silky soft bed-sheets are naturally good for you, and the planet. We talked to her about building a business, dealing with failures (they’re a good thing!), sustainability tips, and what self-care means to her. What inspired you to start ettitude? … Read more

A Chat with Writer, Lauren Levinson

Lauren Levinson is a New York writer specializing in beauty, fashion, fitness and wellness, lifestyle and travel. Her previous experience includes: fashion news editor of ELLE Magazine and director of POPSUGAR Beauty. She currently writes for Glamour, HarpersBazaar, and   Tell us about your favorite writing topics. As a journalist, I love to tell … Read more

Karina Blackwood, Blissed Happiness

New York City based yoga instructor and mentor, Karina Blackwood, recently visited sundays studio for a Signature Manicure and Pedicure. She understands the importance of a holistic approach to wellness and has come to understand its impact on daily life since her first time on the yoga mat. In a a conscious, self-directed, and ever-evolving … Read more