Our nail specialist, Daniela shares what self-care means to her

Our nail specialists always inspire us and are a wonderful, hardworking group of ladies. They all have their unique stories to tell and come from various different backgrounds. Almost every self-care Sunday, we share a little about our guests from the wellness world but this self-care Sunday we want to highlight our nail specialist, Daniela Brito.

Known for her incredible nail art talent, Daniela has been with sundays for some time and is originally from Ecuador. When asked why she chose sundays and what’s her favorite part about working there, she said:

“I love to work at sundays and choose to work in the studio because I feel that we are all connected with the same thought to give the best of ourselves, with clients, and do what we like. It’s what drives me and fills me with energy. I see the work ethic in the sundays founder and the love she puts into everything she creates. Apart from seeing it as my workplace, I see it as an entrepreneurial place, every day I learn more. I feel that there can be many places and perhaps some are the same as ours, but I would recommend sundays studio, for the love and dedication they put into every detail and product. I look at everything and in the 10 years that I’ve worked in this field, I feel very good where I am right now. Congratulations to all of you. This is what I say for you Camille (sundays PR and partnerships) and for Amy (sundays founder). I really like everything you do and you inspire me to dream.”

Daniela brings the same positivity and lightness when it comes to her self-care practice. For Daniela, self-care is a vital part of her routine and is essential for living a full life. She shares just what self-care means to her:

“Whether it’s due to work or home occupations spending time can sometimes seem like a luxury. You have to get that out of your head because self-care is essential to living a full life. Being at our optimum level will help us lead a calm life focused on the really important things.  This is what we mean by taking care of our emotional and physical health. Also to carry out activities that make us feel good and satisfied in every way.”

For Daniela, self-care is not just about doing actions like meditating, doing yoga, nail care, or skincare. It’s about these little steps we take in our lives to make ourselves feel good. Whatever they might be.

Daniela says: “It has to do with getting up every morning with a smile, regardless of the problems, always believing that there are solutions. And fighting for my every dream and everything I want to do during the day. I love to eat something delicious and that fills me with energy, I like to share with my family, I love cocktails and I always enjoy them with my friends.”


Daniela’s favorite sundays polish

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