New Year’s Nail Art Ideas

As we’re ringing in the new year and celebrating from home, we’re looking for little ways we can treat ourselves. What better way to do that than with fun nail art? We know nail art can get complicated, so we put together a few easy looks you can pull off at home! Start 2022 with … Read more

Making Your Self-Care Time All of the Time, by Tara Stiles

It’s so easy to not make time for self-care, but when you realize it’s a big secret to setting the tone for how you think, move, and feel, and how you show up in the world, priorities can shift. Now more than ever, we are ready for our priorities to shift. We are ready to … Read more

Set your intentions for 2021

First, we want to say that we’re proud of you for making it through 2020 with a smile and for pushing forward. You’re incredibly strong and the fact that you’re here and looking for little ways to manifest positivity into your life is something you should be proud of. It was a difficult year and … Read more

Gifts for busy moms

Between million zoom meetings, having kids at home, plus trying to spend quality time with loved ones, moms have not had it easy this year. Now, more than ever they deserve some me-time and moments of relaxation from daily responsibilities. So the best gifts they can receive are just those. Here is our list of … Read more

Meditation Gift Ideas

We all need a little calm in 2020. So this year makes the perfect time to receive or give a gift of meditation. It makes for a unique, thoughtful gift that they can enjoy on their own time and turn to, whenever you need a little balance. Whether that special someone enjoys yoga, meditating, journaling … Read more

Wellness Gift Basket & Bundle Guide 

Welcome! You’ve found our Wellness Gift Basket & Bundle Guide! Wellness Gift Baskets are perfect holiday treats for loved ones. It’s a great way to treat them to some well deserved me-time and a stress-free way for you to pick out the perfect holiday gift. In 2020 we all need a little bit of extra … Read more

Celebrating Women

This has been a big year for us women. The first female VP, Kamala Harris has shown just how far we’ve come in carving out our deserved place and belonging in the world. We are a woman-owned business so we always strive to highlight and empower our fellow women. In the past few weeks, we’ve … Read more

Coolest winter non-toxic nail polish colors

Non-toxic polishes exclude all the bad stuff found in most polish formulas, and with winter approaching it’s important to take care of our health. Even something as little as switching to a healthier polish formula can help make sure your body is the healthiest it can be. And with holidays around the corner, it has … Read more

How to store nail polish properly

How to store nail polish properly seems like an easy concept, but you might be surprised at how much it affects the durability of your nail polish. Storing your nail polish properly will help prevent thick formula consistency, help its durability, and will make your nail polish last longer on your nails. Our formula is … Read more