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Shari Auth, the co-founder of acupuncture and wellness brand WTHN is no stranger to the work it takes to take care of both mental and physical health. The whole idea behind WTHN is a holistic approach to living, making sure our bodies are healthy and minds are happy. 

As we are spending time at home, we want you to consider spending that time redirecting your energy inwards and truly working on your wellbeing. As we know this is easier said than done, we wanted to share Shari’s advice in hopes that it will inspire you to invest the time to take care of yourself. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy our interview with Shari Auth!


When did you start your business and what inspired you?

My co-founder Michelle and I launched WTHN in late 2018. Our first acupuncture studio + wellness boutique came first, and then our signature line of herbal blends launched a few months later in early 2019. I have been a healer for over 20 years as an acupuncturist, herbalist, Certified shaman and yoga teacher. A passion of mine has always been helping people – and I believe that practicing and sharing the healing power of holistic medicine is a great way to achieve that goal. WTHN’s mission is to make the healing power of Chinese medicine through acupuncture + herbs more accessible to help people live happier and healthier lives everyday.


What is your favorite advice you would tell your “younger self”?

Believe in yourself and listen + follow that little voice inside. 


What are some small things that the sundays community can do to take care of their mental health at home?

1.Self reflection. Notice your thoughts, “bring them into the daylight” and examine them. Are they serving you? Are they even true? How could you rewrite that thought into a thought that will serve you? 

2.DIY Acupressure/ear seeds! Ear seeds are a great at home wellness bio hack that are safe and easy to do yourself. The actual seed is a little 24K gold bead on a clear plastic sticker that you can put on pressure points on the ear to reduce stress, balance hormone levels and help you focus. Check out the WTHN Ear Seed Kit, which comes with everything you need to get started!  

3. Take your herbs! Plant medicine has been used for centuries as a natural anxiety and stress   reliever. WTHN’s Run The World is a blend of adaptogenic herbs you can take daily to stay calm + cool but ready to tackle anything.


How do you personally practice wellness, both physically and mentally?

I love pilates, yoga, gyrokinesis, infrared saunas, steaming in my steam shower, self-massage, Gua Sha DIY facial, face cupping, acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, taking walks, spending time with family, cooking, gardening, breathing, meditating, taking herbs, magnet therapy and spending time with dear friends.


What is your favorite way to stay positive?

By staying in the moment, accepting what I can’t change and not taking it all too seriously. 


Describe your ideal “self-care” self-care sundays

Yoga, smoothie, bodywork, healthy lunch, nap, hanging with family + friends. 


Quick-Fire Q’s


Favorite affirmation? Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Favorite book?   The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

Favorite food to cook?  Healthy Asian-style.

Favorite good vibes song? Addicted to Good As Hell by Lizzo.

Favorite nail polish color?  and what does that color mean to you? I love S.01 by sundays it’s a metallic rose gold. It’s both neutral and blingy at the same time.  I’m especially loving it during the quarantine, it’s close to my skin tone and you can’t see the mistakes (since I’m doing my own nails)!


We hope that you enjoyed reading our interview with Shari! And we hope that it inspired you to take care of yourself! Never forget that your well-being is always the most important thing, so investing in yourself will pay off in the end. It will make you and those around you happier and healthier. Good luck on your self-care journey!


Sending good energy your way!





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