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The events of racism and injustice that we’re encountering in the world right now are truly heartbreaking. But this is also a time of change, a time for us to help a fellow human in little ways we can. What keeps this world together and all of its people together is our love and compassion for each other, but when that love is violated the world has to pause. Things have to change for this world to move forward. But we can only move forward together.

How we push forward is by making sure voices of black people are being heard, by listening and by being compassionate and being a part of the change. So in that light, we thought that the best way we could spread the message is by using our influence to provide a platform for black voices to be heard. We reached out to some of our dear friends, co-workers, and fellow business owners and asked them to share their message:


“As a woman, a mother, a sister, a daughter, and wife all I want is equal justice. There’s nothing we can do to bring back

the lives of those lost, but we can honor them by changing what happens moving forward. This needs to start with those

we put in power from district level all the way to the White House. We cannot consistently have cops do whatever they

want and be protected by the badge. Their job is to protect us, but now we need protection from them. If our leaders sit

idly by while this happens we need to get new leaders. That is what a democracy is! We need to charge and change

government to protect ALL AMERICANS. For America to be great, all Americans have to be treated with respect and care.

All our lives have to matter! Black lives MUST MATTER for any other life to matter!”

-Ikponmwosa Edorisiagbon (founder of fashion 360 magazine)


“Inclusion and Equality for a group that has been discriminated against

for years is all we are asking for. I am a black woman in America, I have black

brothers, family and friends. I want to be able to live without the fear of

losing my life or a loved one because we went for a jog, got pulled over by the

police or even just sitting in our homes! It’s not about all lives, It’s about

my life and the lives of my brothers and Sisters that is in constant Jeopardy-

It is about Black Lives and we just want to be heard. We can’t win this fight

alone and we need you to help lend your voices against Systemic racism and say

with us #BlacklivesMatter.” 

-Aisy Omobude (Sales & Logistics Manager at sundays)


“Love Yourself, Love Others, Love The World in that order. One day at a time, one breath at a time.

Self-care changes the world. You are the change you wish to see.

-Koya Webb ( founder of GetLovedUp Yoga)


“This is why we are fed up! This is the opportunity that #greorgefloyd will never have again. Yet this is what we as

parents of black men fear we will never get to see. This is what our community, the family of good cops deserves; young

men, talking about life, college, girls, this is why my daughter asked me to say something and I could only say Sad! Our

community needs to march for their rights and for their protection. However it’s not just from bad police, it is also from

our own who have been killing each other because of a lack of hope, healthcare, housing, employment, and love. This is the

world we need to show exists, not sheltering them in place so they live another day in a world that has decided we are 3/5

of a man!!!!

-Khari Edwards (Brookdale Hospital PR Vice President)


“All Lives don’t matter until Black ones do” this is my main goal of my mission when it comes towards fighting for equality

for Black Lives. The goal of my podcast is to spread education on everything going on in a positive way, there is no hate

speech involved. I want people who may not understand the gravity of what is going on to be able to listen to my podcast

and leave a bit more insightful and also have the drive to do their own research as well. My odcast is called “Clocked in

With Lindsey Gilbert“, available on spotify. “-Lindsey Gilbert  (Model, Actress, and Founder of Clocked In With Lindsey)


“America: I’m tired, we’re tired. We’re tired of being racially profiled. We’re tired of being murdered without due process

or cause. We’re tired of Systemic Racism following us at every turn. We need to live. We need to feel safe. We need to feel

like our lives have value We need to know that people that don’t look like us, care about our mortality. We want you to

scream about the injustices you see affecting Black and Brown people. We want you to call out racism when you see it. 

We want you to ask questions about how to be better.

We want to be seen.

We want to live.”

-Billy Campbell (former sundays Operations Manager)


We value everyone’s voice and opinion in our sundays family and want to make sure your voice and message are being heard too. So please if you’re a black member of our sundays family email us your message at [email protected] or dm us at sundays_studio and we will share your message.


Sending our love and support. Black Lives Matter.

-Amy Lin and sundays family.


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