An Interview with Nail Artist Frances Liang

Super-talented Nail Artist Frances Liang (have you seen her Instagram @purplenailbox?) has been a longtime friend and collaborator of sundays. She designed and created our super-popular Summer ‘18 Nail Art, and she’s back this season with a brand new set of six new Fall designs for sundays, inspired by reconnection. We sat down with her to talk more about her creative process, and what reconnecting means to her.

Can you tell us about your inspiration and process for this project?

I brainstormed about the idea of reconnection, while continuously folding four corners of a square origami paper into the center. Reconnection with yourself or anyone almost always starts with glancing over what has already happened – reflections. Within reflecting, there almost always will be a thought or topic more prominent than the rest – a focus. To express this visually, the shapes in each design reflect and come together at a focal point, in a careful, respectful way.

Can you pick two design, and talk us through them?

The nail design with four dots in the middle reminds me of regrouping, restoring, centering the fundamentals of what a good life is made of. To me these things are: my physical home, the people I surround myself with, my own good intentions, and the ability to choose right.

The nail design connecting two distant dots with a fine line across all other nails really expresses a reminder to take a closer look, to then see the larger picture. I think having the ability to recognize synchronicity makes the effect of reconnection much more worthwhile.

That’s wonderful. What are your favorite ways to reconnect?

I enjoy re-connecting with others one-on-one over an uninterrupted brunch. My favorite way to connect with myself is through taking kokology quizzes (a fun way to practice self-discovery) and practicing yoga.

What’s your favorite thing about doing what you do?

Painting for a greater purpose. It’s one thing to wear art on nails because of how we want to be perceived by others; it’s another thing to wear art on nails solely as a self reminder to do better and be kinder to ourselves. sundays represent this purpose.

Why do you think people love Nail Art so much?

Simply because Nail Art can be really fun! Literally anything can be expressed on nails. Even if Nail Art isn’t something you’d wear, the art can still be exciting to admire.

Which design do you recommend to Nail Art virgins?

I would recommend wearing the upside down ‘V’ nail art on just 2 nails. Be sure to include a color you LOVE!

What are your favorite sundays colors for Fall?

There are way too many favorites, but I’ll have to say No. 19 for how perfectly burgundy and universally autumn it is, and No. 32 because more than often I will default to wearing dark grey, glossy nails.

Get to know Frances and her amazing work better through her Instagram and website.

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