10 Tips for Finding a Safe Nail Salon Near You

You found our list of 10 tips for finding a safe nail salon. A safe nail salon is a professional establishment that prioritizes the health and safety of its clients by adhering to strict hygiene standards, employing licensed technicians, and using safe salon products. For example, some salons may have well-ventilated spaces to reduce harmful … Read more

10 Best Spring Manicures for a Fresh and Vibrant Look

You found our list of the 10 best spring manicures. Spring Manicures are a form of nail art that incorporate the vibrant colors and themes of spring. For example, floral designs, pastel shades, and botanical accents are often used. The purpose of these manicures is to celebrate the season and add a fresh, vibrant touch … Read more

15 Stunning Shades of Purple Nail Polish for Every Season

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15 Stunning Green Nail Polish Shades to Try

You found our list of the best green nail polish. Green Nail Polish is a vibrant and refreshing color that can be used to add a pop of color to your nails. For example, you might choose an apple green for a fun, playful look, a dark green for a more sophisticated vibe, or an … Read more

15 Beautiful Shades of Blue Nail Polish for Every Occasion

You found our list of the best blue nail polish. Blue Nail Polish is a popular choice for nail art enthusiasts, offering a wide range of shades from light pastels to deep, vibrant hues. For example, you might choose a soft baby blue for a springtime look, an electric cobalt for a bold statement, or … Read more

15 Top Picks: Neutral Nail Polish for the Ever Stylish

You found our list of the best neutral nail polish. Neutral Nail Polish is a type of nail color that blends well with any outfit and occasion. For example, it can range from light beige to deep brown, or even have a subtle shimmer. The purpose of these polishes is to provide a sophisticated and … Read more

15 Must-Have Pink Nail Polish Shades for Every Occasion

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15 Best Red Nail Polish Options for Fun

You found our list of the best red nail polish. Red Nail Polish is a cosmetic product applied to the nails to give them a vibrant, bold color. For example, it can range from bright cherry shades to deep burgundy hues and even fiery orange-reds. The purpose of these polishes is to enhance the beauty … Read more

How to Apply Your Nail Polish Smudge-free

We always say nail polish application is a moment for you- a moment to relax and practice self-care. You shouldn’t focus too much on perfection but rather on the moment, reflecting, and being present. Applying nail polish should be a stress-free process but many of us find ourselves wanting a seamless salon-grade mani at home … Read more

Celebrating Black History Month

Happy Black History Month, sundays family! Celebrating diversity in our community and in the world is what makes the world a better and more beautiful place. It is so important for us all to amplify the often underrepresented voices of POC every day.    In honor of Black History Month and to continue learning, listening, … Read more