New Nail Art! All About Reconnection

Our Unconventional Fall Nail Art.

This season, we’ve created a custom nail art menu inspired by Fall. But no, we’re not talking jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, or fallen leaves. We’re talking about something a little bit deeper.

When the sundays team all sat down together to share what they loved about Fall, everyone’s answers were surprisingly similar. After the heat, hubbub and hurriedness of summer (with people in far-flung places and never staying still), Fall seemed to be a time for everyone to slow down, come closer, and reconnect.

With that in mind, we decided to create a Fall Nail Art Menu inspired by reconnection. “Reconnection” is a pretty vague concept, and we weren’t quite sure how to communicate it through nail art. Thankfully, talented nail artist and friend of sundays Frances Liang @purplenailbox used her wizardry to create six custom nail art designs inspired by reconnection.

On her creative process, Liang says, “I brainstormed ‘reconnection’, continuously folding four corners of a square origami paper into the center. Reconnection almost always starts with what has already happened and there will usually be a thought or topic more prominent than the rest – a focus. To express this visually, the shapes in each design reflect and come together at a focal point, in a careful way.

Staying true to sundays simplicity, Liang conceptualized and created a menu of minimalist and abstract nail designs that beautifully articulate the notion of reconnection, in a simple and visually stunning way. With a background in graphic design, Liang is no stranger to communicating the abstract.

Each of the six designs on the new menu represent connection in a novel and playful way. Commenting on one design Liang says “The nail design with four dots in the middle reminds me of regrouping, restoring, centring the fundamentals of what a good life is made of. To me these things are: my physical home, the people I surround myself with, my own intentions, and the ability to make good decisions.

In contrast to Summer, Fall is a time for everyone to do less, think more, and get cozy indoors with those that they love. It’s a time not only to reconnect with loved ones, but with yourself too. Whether it’s journaling, reading, or meditating, it’s all about finding that time and space to do what’s best for you and give yourself the self-care you deserve.

We hope that this Fall, you can make time for what serves you best, and that this Nail Art serves as a reminder to focus on what really matters.

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