Fall: A Time to Reconnect

 Pumpkin spice, apple-picking, crunchy leaves, crisp air – there is so much to love about this time of year. But once you look a bit closer, the real beauty of Fall lies much deeper.

When the sundays team sat down together and shared what they loved about Fall, everyone’s answers were surprisingly similar. After the heat, hubbub and hurriednessof summer (with people in far-flung places and never staying still), Fall is a time to slow down, come closer, and reconnect.

It’s a time to do less, think more, and get cozy indoors. It’s an opportunity not only to reconnect with others, but with yourself too. Whether it’s journaling, reading, or meditating – it’s all about finding that time and space to do what’s best for you and give yourself the self-care you deserve.

This Fall at sundays studio, we’re embracing this idea and will be launching some exciting projects to encourage people to Reconnect with themselves and those around them. Watch this space. Happy Fall, everyone!

Photo of Christina @justmissedtherunway visiting sundays studio. 

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