How to Apply Your Nail Polish Smudge-free

We always say nail polish application is a moment for you- a moment to relax and practice self-care. You shouldn’t focus too much on perfection but rather on the moment, reflecting, and being present. Applying nail polish should be a stress-free process but many of us find ourselves wanting a seamless salon-grade mani at home … Read more

Coolest winter non-toxic nail polish colors

Non-toxic polishes exclude all the bad stuff found in most polish formulas, and with winter approaching it’s important to take care of our health. Even something as little as switching to a healthier polish formula can help make sure your body is the healthiest it can be. And with holidays around the corner, it has … Read more

How to store nail polish properly

How to store nail polish properly seems like an easy concept, but you might be surprised at how much it affects the durability of your nail polish. Storing your nail polish properly will help prevent thick formula consistency, help its durability, and will make your nail polish last longer on your nails. Our formula is … Read more

Our nail specialist, Daniela shares what self-care means to her

Our nail specialists always inspire us and are a wonderful, hardworking group of ladies. They all have their unique stories to tell and come from various different backgrounds. Almost every self-care Sunday, we share a little about our guests from the wellness world but this self-care Sunday we want to highlight our nail specialist, Daniela … Read more

Share your moment of self-care

Often, we associate self-care with me-time, after all, it has the word “self” in it. But since we’ve been spending the majority of our time at home, around loved ones self-care has become something that we share. Typically, quality time with your significant other represents watching movies together or cooking together but why not spend … Read more

6 tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling

Even if you’re a pro at doing your mani, you’ve definitely struggled with air bubbles ruining your masterpiece. We often get our clients asking how they can prevent this from happening, so we thought we would provide the answers! Here are some handy tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling.     1. … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Mani Last Longer

Getting your mani chipped or damaged after you spent time making it look flawless can be frustrating. But lucky for you, there are ways you can make it last longer. Ultimately how long a mani lasts varies from person to person. Now that we’re all washing our hands more frequently it’s hard to make our … Read more

Tips and tricks to get silky smooth feet at home

Even though we’re not going out as much, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel our most confident at home. Sometimes a small act like giving a little love to our feet is enough to make us look good and feel good. We often give more attention to our hands, but today we encourage you to … Read more

Give thanks to your hands

Aristotle once said, “The hand is an instrument of instruments”. How often have we stopped to think about the parts of our body that bless us with the ability to carry out our daily lives? But when we pause to reflect about our hands, they give us the ability to experience all that it is … Read more

Fun facts about our nail polish

You probably know our polishes are vegan, 10-free, and non-toxic but do you know the story behind how they came about? Our founder, Amy Lin put all of her love and passion for health and beauty into perfecting the perfect nail polish formula. Every little detail, from packaging to the names of our polishes has … Read more