6 tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling

Even if you’re a pro at doing your mani, you’ve definitely struggled with air bubbles ruining your masterpiece. We often get our clients asking how they can prevent this from happening, so we thought we would provide the answers! Here are some handy tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling.



1. Use a base coat

Using a base coat allows you to create an even base for your polish. This ultimately helps you avoid bubbling of your mani, so a base coat is a must!


Top and Base Coat


2.Warm it up

First, warm up your top/base coat and polish bottle. Shake the bottle and warm it up on the palm of your hand. This will prevent the bubbles from collecting inside the polish bottle.


 3. Less is more

Try to apply thin layers of both polish and top/base coat. A thick top coat can cause bubbling, so use it sparingly (make sure you seal the polish cap tightly after each use, so no air enters the bottle). When you pull out your polish brush, make sure you clean off one side of the brush on the side of the polish bottle.


 4. Timing is key

Make sure you wait at least 2 minutes between each layer of polish as well as top and base coat. If you’re impatient, we recommend you listen to some soothing meditation while doing your mani.


5. Don’t do too much

Try not to use quick-dry oil with your fast drying top coat. This can cause bubbling. We recommend you use the quick-dry oil and then after a few days to apply your top coat. This way your mani will be even more long-lasting.


6.Take proper care of your nail polish

If your nail polish is old and thick in consistency, we recommend getting a new one. Also pay attention to where you store the polish, making sure it’s not in direct sunlight. In addition, make sure the polish cap is sealed tight, otherwise, air might enter the bottle and make the polish consistency thicker.


We hope these tips help you achieve a pretty, long-lasting mani! But we would love to hear from you! Let us know if you have any tips or questions by commenting below.

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