Give thanks to your hands

Aristotle once said, “The hand is an instrument of instruments”. How often have we stopped to think about the parts of our body that bless us with the ability to carry out our daily lives? But when we pause to reflect about our hands, they give us the ability to experience all that it is to be human. We live through our hands and they are one of the most powerful tools that let us do so many things. From holding hands with our partner, or making home-cooked meals for our family, to texting a best friend “I miss you!”. Through our fingertips, we “see” with our hands; and when we move our fingers we “speak” with our hands. If you are like most of us, you’re probably taking your hands for granted. But we encourage you to enjoy this moment to think about the small things that make a huge difference. On this day, think about the amount of joy, connection, strength, power and expression that our hands give us. 


Take today to give your hands a little thanks with a hydrating massage with lotion. A hand massage lets you connect with yourself as every motion is a little step towards deeper self-love and appreciation. As you massage your hands, this is a moment when you can relieve yourself of any stress that you’ve been experiencing lately. Let’s face it, life has been difficult during the pandemic but our hands have given us the strength to carry out our daily life despite the challenges. So with a hand massage, you’re putting the intention into making your hands feel good again, to look beautiful and at the same time relaxing your mind.


Show appreciation for your hands with mindful manicure ritual. We give our skin a lot of attention with our daily skincare routine. but sometimes we neglect the importance of our hands. A manicure routine is also important and when you can make the process mindful, and a time to slow down, be thoughtful about the process of painting them and connect with your hands on a deeper level, your hands will look beautiful, and thank you for the careful attention. 


Go bare and just add a little cuticle oil. Giving your hands some love could be an action as little as adding cuticle oil. This can be a daily ritual. Each morning after you perform your skincare ritual add a little cuticle oil to your hands. As you apply each drop perhaps say the words “thank you” to your hands as it lands in your palm. It’s a small act but a great step towards giving your hands love and care.


How often have you thanked your hands by pressing pause? Perhaps listen to a meditation that lets you get in touch with your hands. We recommend listening to our meditation about gratitude and pay special attention to your hands. Give them the gratitude for letting you go through life with ease, and for supporting you every step of the way. For letting you share love and affection and for letting you do things you love.



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