How to fix a broken nail

We’ve all been there. You spent so long growing your nails and then you go to open a soda can or do some household chores and your nail breaks! It’s super frustrating, especially if you have a fresh mani on. But don’t get discouraged, there are ways you can fix a broken nail without pulling on it and destroying your mani! First, let’s unravel why nail breakage actually happens and how you can prevent it.



Why your nails break-the natural way and how to prevent it:


1.Vitamin and protein deficiency


Believe it or not, your diet has a lot to do with the appearance of your nails. Lack of biotin or Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H can make your nails weaker and prone to breakage. Lack of protein can also lead to breaking, brittle nails. Make sure you intake enough protein, especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian.



2. Lack of moisture


Drink plenty of water and use cuticle oils along with hand cream for extra hydration. Dehydration can cause dry, brittle nails so make sure you get those 9 cups a day in. Using cuticle oils is highly recommended because they can be used daily and really restore that extra moisture your nails need.



Cuticle Serum Hydration-Cs.02



3. Nail-biting


Excessive nail biting can really harm your nails and cause them to become weak, leading to breakage. We actually launched our 2 in 1 cuticle serum CS.01 which is ideal for nail-biting and getting rid of surface bacteria while also highly moisturizing.



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4. Wearing gel polish too frequently 


Try to let your nails breathe occasionally. Gel polish can make nails weaker because it is not breathable, so we recommend you go for a moral natural route with non-toxic polishes. 



Non-toxic polishes



5. Not filing your nails after cutting them


This is a mistake many of us make! If we don’t smooth out the edges of our nails after cutting them, they can get scratch on something and break.


How to fix a broken nail:


1.Cut and file


Unfortunately, you might have to cut your nail and the rest to match the length. Then you can file them into a desired shape (make sure you file so your nails don’t scratch on something and break again). Read about how to file your nails into your desired shape here!


2. Go to a nail salon and ask for a silk wrap 


Silk is flexible and can adjust to your own nails, giving your broken nail a seamless look. It wraps the broken nail together with glue. If you broke your nails at home, one tip is to use a teabag, as it’s similar to silk. You simply cut a small square piece of a teabag. and apply it to your nail with glue.


3. Wear a nail tip


This one is an easy fix! Cut the broken nail then, get a clear nail tip that’s a close length to your natural nails and wear it until your natural nail grows out. If you had a mani on, you can paint the tip the same nail polish color. But be vary, tips are a little heavier on your nails so we recommend you go with a silk wrap if you want  a more natural approach. 



Fixing a broken nail can be frustrating, but you can always rock a natural shorter nail look. To prevent future nail breakage make sure you hydrate, moisturize and take your vitamins!


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