Learn How To File Your Nails Into Your Favorite Nail Shape

Oval, squoval, square, round, stiletto, almond-there are so many different shapes that you can achieve by filing your nails. Having to pick how you want your nails to look can get overwhelming, but we all tend to gravitate towards that one nail shape that really makes us feel confident and happy to look down at our hands. Even when we visit nail salons and the nail specialist asks us which nail shape we desire, we find ourselves always going with the same choice (oval or square). We don’t really get to experiment with different shapes, but now’s the time!

Your nail shape can really transform the appearance of your hands so it’s always fun to experiment with new shapes and find which one really speaks to you. But every shape requires a different filing motion and here’s how to achieve each one!

Prep Your Nails

Before you choose your desired nail shape, make sure that your nails are dry. Filing wet nails can really cause damage or even break your nails. Also, make sure you have a nail clipper handy if you need to shorten your nails. When it comes to your nail file we recommend using a softer emery cushion board. 

Ps. most of our nail kits actually come with everything you need to file your nails properly!-nail file and clippers included




This shape is definitely a more traditional one and can visually elongate your hands. If you’d like to achieve an oval shape, file your nail at a diagonal in an egg-like shape, really going in on the sides. But make sure that you’re filing towards one direction, instead of using the back and forth motion.



If you want a square shape start filing from the middle. Really go in on the middle part of your nail and then file away towards yourself. 



Start by filling the top of your nails straight across. Then go in on the sides to round the corners of your nails. 



Ah, this one is a classic! Start at the side of the nail and file towards the center in a movement towards the same direction. When you notice one side getting rounder move to the other side of the nail.



This nail shape is really for the brave! Your nails have to be a little longer to achieve a stiletto look. We recommend you start by trimming the edges of the nail with a nail clipper at a diagonal. File at the sides to bring in the tip of the nail. Alternate between filing both sides to make sure they’re even. 



Almond shape also requires a bit of a longer nail. To cut the filing time, use a nail clipper to cut the sides on the nail. File the sides in motion towards the middle. Make sure you’re not filing too much on one side and that the sides are even.


If you want to have bare nails after filing them into your desired shape but want them to look healthier and shinier without having to do a full-on mani, we recommend you do a buff mani. Our buff mani kit includes everything you need to get that clean, healthy look. You can also keep those cuticles looking cute and go in with a buff to give your nails a natural shine. 


Bk.02-Buff Kit

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