7 Vitamins You Should Be Taking For Healthy Nails

With the colder weather approaching we need to be more mindful of taking care of our hands. Harsh weather is not the only thing that actually affects the quality of our nails. You would be surprised how much what we take in affects the health of our nails. There is so much that your nails … Read more

Benefits of Eco-Paraffin Spa Treatment

(Plant-based) Eco-paraffin spa treatment for hands and feet is not only a relaxing, self-care experience, it also has many health benefits. Eco-paraffin spa treatment is also a form of heat therapy, perfect for the cooler months and cozy self-care moments.  Eco-paraffin spa treatment hydrates and softens hands The paraffin wax is a natural moisturizer, helping … Read more

Top 4 Benefits of 10-Free Nail Polish

When we created our 10-free nail polish formula, we decided to source locally in New York and have full quality control of our nontoxic formula, especially when we see so many pregnant women and little kids use nail polish! We also worked with top salon experts in the nail industry to create the formula so … Read more

How to practice Hygge This Fall

First you might be wondering what is Hygge? Well this term comes from Denmark and translates to basically “coziness of the soul” . The word itself is more a feeling rather than an actual thing. The word embodies mindfulness, mental release, and doing things that make you happy. With Fall almost here we’re excited to … Read more

Four Benefits of Massage Therapy 

We always look at massage as some sort of treat or special occasion for ourselves, when it should be something we integrate into our self-care routine. A massage does far more for us than just relaxing our bodies and muscles. It also has numerous mental health benefits. So below we will discuss four benefits of … Read more

3 Important Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

We spend so much time nurturing relationships with others around us that we forget to nurture the most important relationship – the relationship we have with ourselves. Caring, loving and nurturing ourselves is just as important as doing that with others.   What does it mean to build a relationship with yourself? The concept of … Read more

A guide to staying positive in 2022 

Last couple of years have not been easy. With the pandemic and social and political conflicts happening, it’s not always easy to stay positive. We can easily get discouraged and feel as if there’s not much hope. It may lead us to try to escape, whether that’s moving to another country or shutting ourselves out. … Read more

Fall Nail Polish Colors You’ll Love

With Fall just around the corner, we’re all excited for the cozy feeling of lighting a candle, wearing a chunky knit and most of all, the beautiful colors of autumn. The season change also tends to affect how we feel about the colors on our nails. We find ourselves reaching for the deep burgundies, mauves, … Read more