5 Self-Care Rituals You Can Do On A Plane

With holidays around the corner we’re going to be traveling a lot, and sitting on a plane for hours to get to our destination can be draining. Sleeping on a plane is impossible for most of us and the recycled air can leave our skin feeling dry.  Well, if you’re facing these difficulties you’re at the right place. If you’re looking for ways to fill your plane time with some self-care activities, keep reading.

1. Give yourself a hand massage

This one might be a little unconventional. I don’t know about you, but when I’m on a plane, I always find my hands and feet swell up. I hate this feeling and usually there’s not much we can do about it since fluids in your body pool in certain areas. One thing that might ease the swelling a bit is a hand massage. A nice hand massage will not only reduce the swelling, it will also hydrate your hands. 

Bring our plane-friendly, extra-hydrating hand cream with you and follow our Step-by-Step & Tips for a Relaxing Hand Massage. Our hand cream also doesn’t have a strong scent so it won’t disturb your fellow passengers. 

If you’re wondering what to do about your feet, we recommend bringing compression socks with you. It’s also beneficial to take walks from time to time, to get your blood flowing.


2. Nourish your cuticles 

Doing a mani on a plane might not be doable, but it doesn’t mean that you still can’t give your nails some love. You’ll need as much hydration as you can get due to the drying, recycled airplane air. 

Give your nails some extra hydration with our hydrating cuticle oil. A tiny drop on each nail with hydrate your nail bed and nourish your cuticles, keeping them soft and healed. Our hydrating cuticle oil also has a subtle, earthy scent so you won’t be getting any complaints from your seat neighbors.


3. Apply a face mask

This one is a go-to classic. The plane can make our skin feel oily and dirty so washing our face and applying a face mask is a great way to get your skin to feel clean and hydrated. After you get off the plane you’ll feel like a new person. 

Turn on some music or a movie and enjoy your face mask.

4. Write a self-care love letter

Being on a plane is a great opportunity to spend some time with yourself. It’s also a great time to show yourself some love by writing a self-care love letter.

According to Good Therapy, “Research indicates that nearly 80% of our self talk is negative.” Repeating self affirmations and writing yourself a Self-Care Love Letter has the power to uplift your mood, reduce anxiety, and even increase your likelihood of success.

Read our step by step How To Write A Self-Care Love Letter To Yourself to uplift yourself and give yourself some love when on a plane.


5. Listen to meditation

Being on a plane can make us feel anxious so it’s important for us to find ways to relax and unwind during the flight. What better way to do that than with a little meditation? Download a mediation playlist before your flight and listen to it while doing your hand massage or applying your face mask. It will help take your mind off what’s stressing you out and bring your focus inward.

Check out our custom meditations on Spotify.

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