Top 4 Benefits of 10-Free Nail Polish

When we created our 10-free nail polish formula, we decided to source locally in New York and have full quality control of our nontoxic formula, especially when we see so many pregnant women and little kids use nail polish!

We also worked with top salon experts in the nail industry to create the formula so you know you’re getting a professional-grade manicure even when you’re at home. Our products have the highest quality and the highest performance but are also super easy to manage for professional use.

Many polishes on the market today have chemicals inside that can be harmful to your health while using a 10-free formula nail polish has many benefits for your overall health. So we thought we would share some top benefits of using a 10-free nail polish.

Regular Nail Polish Has Harmful Chemicals

Here’s a breakdown of each toxic ingredient, and why it was so important to us to make sure that it stays out of your nail polish:

  1. Dibutyl phthalate is a respiratory irritant, which poses the most hazard to nail technicians who may become exposed to large amounts.
  2. TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate) is a plasticizer, as well as a fire retardant, and studies have linked it to changes in normal hormone function.
  3. Toluene is a solvent used in polish to help it dry quickly; the health concerns associated with excessive exposure to this ingredient may include nervous system impairment and immune, kidney, liver, and reproductive effects.
  4. Xylene, when exposed to high concentrations in the air, can cause central nervous system depression and headaches.
  5. Ethyl tosylamide is banned from use in cosmetics by the European Commission but is still used in the United States. This ingredient is suspected of causing developmental and reproductive toxicity.
  6. Camphor is a fragrant resin still included in many nail products, but it can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness in high amounts.
  7. Formaldehyde resin can release formaldehyde; the short-term effects of formaldehyde exposure include respiratory and skin irritation. Long-term exposure is suspected to cause cancer.
  8. Parabens are a common preservative but are a suspected endocrine disruptor.
  9. Tert-butyl hydroperoxide may be toxic to blood, lungs, liver, the respiratory system and the central nervous system.

Most polishes on the market today unfortunately have these harmful chemicals in them, which can impact your health in the long term.

10-Free Nail Polish Doesn’t Use Animal Product

Many people get shocked when they hear that nail polishes actually have animal products in them. Meaning they are not vegan. One big ingredient that most companies use is fish scales. This ingredient is used to give the nail polish a shiny quality. Other ingredients that non-vegan polishes use is animal oils and insect shells.

10-Free Nail Polish Makes Your Nails Stronger

Naturally, all the harmful ingredients in regular polishes can make your nails weaker, more brittle and dull. When you take off the nail polish you might notice your nails being extremely dry and pale. If you have white spots on your nails, they’re extremely thin or peeling, you may have to take a break from nail polish. Or at least regular nail polish. Many of our clients found that their nails healed when they switched to our nail polish. 

10-Free Nails Polish Is Safe For You And Those Around You

Believe it or not, our nail polish is safe for both pregnant women and kids, while also for our nail specialists. If consumed frequently, regular nail polish can have harmful effects on pregnant women and the fetus. While nail techs that are constantly exposed to fumes of regular nail polish can develop serious illnesses like cancer. 

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