Four Benefits of Massage Therapy 

We always look at massage as some sort of treat or special occasion for ourselves, when it should be something we integrate into our self-care routine. A massage does far more for us than just relaxing our bodies and muscles. It also has numerous mental health benefits. So below we will discuss four benefits of massage therapy and why you should book your next massage!


Massage Therapy Reduces Stress

This one is a no-brainer. Getting regular massages actually reduces your cortisol level, which is your stress hormone. After getting a massage your cortisol levels go down and are down hours after, so getting a regular massage can significantly reduce your stress. What’s even more impressive is that massage can help you release serotonin (your feel good hormone) and ​​oxytocin (your love hormone).

Massage Therapy Helps connect to oneself

Anytime we get to have a moment with ourselves and our thoughts and feelings is beneficial for our mental health. Getting a massage allows us to do just that. The soothing quiet and warming scents allow us to connect with our thoughts and do a little mental health check-in. The fact that we’re treating ourselves to a massage and giving our bodies and brain some love they deserve, makes us feel connected to ourselves.


Massage Therapy Shows importance of physical touch 

Being touched makes us feel an immense sense of comfort. Touch is so important in many aspects of our lives. When we’re feeling upset or sad, someone placing a hand on our shoulder or giving us a hug immediately alleviates some of the stress. So much like that, a massage gives us a feeling of comfort. When we feel touched or comforted we release endorphins which ultimately makes us feel better.

If you want to give yourself some love and touch, follow our guided hand massage, using our nourishing hand cream. 

Massage Therapy Boosts energy

You might not immediately think “energy boost” when you think of a massage. It’s a relaxing process that is meant to relax our minds and bodies. But getting regular massages can increase mental acuity, while also healing sore muscles. Not to mention that a massage can also help with insomnia giving you an energy boost with a restful night’s sleep. 



What is the best massage for mental health?

Swedish massage: This massage aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension. It includes kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements and passive joint movements.

Shiatsu massage: Originating from Japan, this form of massage uses acupressure to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. It is a holistic form of therapy that improves a person’s overall health.

Hot stone massage:  This massage is used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.


Is massage good for anxiety and depression?

Absolutely! Massage directly affects your hormone balance, stimulating endorphins and oxytocin. While also reducing your cortisol levels. In general, research shows that massages help with treating anxiety and depression. 


Does massage release trauma?

Massage therapy is very beneficial for individuals suffering from trauma and PTSD. Those suffering from these conditions find their muscles to be constricted, and their bodies flooded with cortisol. People suffering from trauma and PTSD are also in a constant state of fight or flight. Massage directly combats this by helping people let go of the fight or flight, promoting a calmer state of being. 



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