International Women’s Day: Women in Leadership

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.”

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg-


Happy International Women’s Day, sundays fam! As a female owned and run business we are so excited to celebrate today. We cannot go without thinking of and being grateful for all of the women who have paved the way for women’s rights and continue to fight towards equality in all facets of life. We would also like to thank all of the women who are essential workers and have been at the front lines of the pandemic bravely assisting us as we get through this challenging time.


The theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Women in Leadership”, so we reached out to some true powerhouses within our community to hear them speak about what it’s like to be a female founder and the importance of self-care in their day-to-day lives, starting with our very own founder:




Amy Ling Lin


Amy Ling Lin, Founder & CEO of sundays


Amy’s Favorite Part About Being a Woman: 

“We are in tune with our emotions and self care needs.”

Amy’s Self-Care: 

“Long walk, meditation, manicure once a week.”

Why Self-Care Is So Important to Amy:

“When we take care of ourselves, we can take care of others. Happiness is contagious.  “




Kara & Alyssa


Kara & Alyssa, Co-founders of Boundless Creatives


Kara’s Take on Being a Female Founder:

“For me, the best part of being a female founder, and just a female in general is just the ability to wake up every single day and create my own schedule. It’s that flexibility and flow. You’re accountable for your own success.” 


Alyssa’s Self-Care:

“Taking care of yourself is the first and foremost important thing you can do before you can show up for others, so it doesn’t necessarily always have to be doing your nails, but for me that is one of my favorite self-care routines. Aside from that it’s really just setting boundaries and going inward first and showing up for myself so i can be of service to others.” 


Kara’s Self-Care:

“I’m a big bath junkie, but of course I love painting my nails. And going to sundays, of course! Big face mask and meditation girl as well and just getting outside in nature.” 




Marci Zaroff: “Walk the talk.”
Marci Zaroff


Marci Zaroff, Founder & CEO of Yes And


Marci’s Favorite Part About Being a Woman: 

“I am a grateful woman for so many reasons—from my ability to birth life (personally and professionally), to my full heart and deep sense of connection to my Int’l sisterhood and Mother Earth.”


Marci’s Self-Care:

“I am a spa junkie and see massages, nail care, steam rooms and baths/jacuzzis as keys to my sanity. I consume a conscious plant-based diet and practice breathwork and yoga (on and off the mat), and I try to spend time with family and/or close friends, as well as nature/getting outside every day.”


Why Self-Care Is So Important To Marci:

“As a 35+-year advocate of a healthy lifestyle, I believe wholeheartedly that we have a responsibility to ourselves (and others) to stay grounded and clear. The more I balance my body, mind and spirit thru the tools in my self-care toolkit, the more prepared I am to navigate the complexities of life. “




Justyna Kedra


Justyna Kedra, Founder of WE Rule


Justyna’s Favorite Part About Being a Woman: 

“The best part is that we often get underestimated whether it’s in our businesses or careers and we can use that to our advantage. There are so many people out there who think we can’t run a company, we can’t raise money, we can’t get to that IPO level, so it feels so good to prove those people wrong. It brings double satisfaction to turn what other people perceive as a weakness into a double success. Building a company without being underestimated? Hard. Building a successful company while everyone is telling you you can’t do it? Harder, but twice as satisfying. I always think to myself that what other people think of me is none of my business. It’s up to me to get it done and prove them wrong.”


Justyna’s Self-Care: 

“During the pandemic I went all out on selfcare. I don’t have a set routine, but I try to do a little of everything when I have some time. First of all, I invested in good skincare, I started meditating more often and even stopped hustling 24/7 and gave myself the permission to binge watch my favorite TV shows without feeling that guilt. Second of all, I try to incorporate new things into my life like scripting (writing positive affirmation for ~30 min) and working more on improving my own mind.”


Why Self-Care Is So Important To Justyna:

“In today’s world, especially in NYC where I live, everyone preaches that the constant hustle is the only way to go. Because I chose to live in this environment I became guilty of being addicted to the hustle. After working non stop for 5 years I realized that I need to do something good for my soul as well. Self care is important because as humans we need that balance.”




julianna vezza
Julianna Vezza


Julianna Vezza, C0-Founder of Bon Vivants Creative


Julianna’s Favorite Part About Being a Woman: 

“Best part about being a woman is the community! If it wasn’t for a lot of female connections I’ve made along the way, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I firmly believe in community over competition and I’m so inspired by other woman daily! “


Why Self-Care Is So Important To Julianna:

“Self care is so important for me because it’s an opportunity to stop and reflect. Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting and it can run you down if you don’t prioritize self care.”




Lauren Benbassat
Lauren Benbassat


Lauren Benbassat, Co-founder & CMO of Realm


Lauren’s Favorite Part About Being a Woman: 

“We are natural-born creators! We take big dreams, new ideas, life, art, and passion and manifest it into reality. Women are powerful creatures and the more we embrace the feminine, the stronger we are.” 


Lauren’s Self-Care: 

“Sleep is my number one priority to ensure I’m able to feel and express my best self. I aim to be wind down each night by 9pm so that I can detox from screens and unwind my mind for deep sleep by 10pm. I’m an early riser, often up by 5:30am each day, so it’s imperative to get my 8 hours each night.” 


Why Self-Care Is So Important To Lauren:

“As a new mom, entrepreneur, and a Type-A perfectionist, I know that if I’m not caring for myself first, nothing else flows as smoothly. When I can show up for my family and my business as my best-self and feeling confident, everything can thrive!” 




Rinal Shah
Rinal Shah


Rinal Shah, Founder of The Traveling Cure


Rinal’s Favorite Part About Being a Woman: 

“The best part about being a woman is how strong and resilient we are, yet how emotionally in tune we are with our feelings and needs. We have amazing intuition, that lends to making invaluable decisions when in difficult situations. We show the world that you don’t have to choose between being fierce or being soft, because we are both.” 


Rinal’s Self-Care: 

“For self-care, I enjoy being in nature with my dog, meditating, doing yoga or working out, having a cup of coffee while reading, listening to music, making myself a nourishing meal, and painting.” 


Why Self-Care Is So Important To Rinal

“It’s important to be able to decompress both physically and mentally so you can show up as the best version of yourself every day. Challenges and struggles are a normal part of life, so finding fun and relaxing activities will help lift you up and reset after long days.” 



We are always so grateful to hear our community, listening to your stories never ceases to inspire us! If you are a women or are female-identifying and want to share your story we’d love to hear from you [email protected] 

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