Why Cuticle Oils Are Perfect For Everyday Use 

“It’s important to take care of cuticles especially if you do pedicures every 2 to 3 weeks (toes nails grow slower than nails on our hands) the dead skins will accumulate around the cuticle area and if we wear closed-toe shoes whole day, the bacterial might build up around your toenails and cuticle area. It is important to do a bi-weekly pedicure to take care of the cuticle area and give your feet a fresh look. Your feet feel lighter and fresher.”

-Amy Lin (the founder of sundays)


Many of us make the mistake of skipping the cuticle oil step when treating our nails. Not only can cuticle oil make your mani more clean-looking and seamless, but it can also restore the health of your cuticles, keeping them moisturized and glowing. But cuticle oils can be used beyond just during your manicure. That’s how we crafted our cuticle oils, with the intention to be used during your favorite self-care rituals, such as during your foot and hand care.  Our cuticle serums were created with an advanced formula that not only keeps your cuticle pretty and clean, it also works deep, restoring the health of your cuticles with necessary vitamins and moisturizing oils.


Cuticle Serums CS.01 and CS.02


 We recently launched two different cuticle serums, both equally as good and crafted with your health in mind. Our cuticle serum CS.01 consists of a 2 in 1 formula that both cures minor wounds and surface bacteria and has anti-aging properties. Infused with myrrh oil, a natural sanitizer, CS.01 makes sure your cuticles are clean and safe. While also packed with necessary Vitamins A, D, and E and jojoba oil, this cuticle serum works to regenerate skin cells and fight premature aging, while brightening and refreshing your skin.

Our hydrating cuticle oil CS.02 is equally as effective. It’s extra hydrating, perfect for dry nails while also providing lightweight moisture and hydration to cuticles. The oil contains soy methyl ester which enhances the skin on the nail and creates a barrier to help retain moisture. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces UV damage to the skin. Perfect for the Summer days! The formula is also gentle, ideal for every skin type while also protecting against cuticles splitting.


Hydrating CS.02


 Recommendations for daily use:

1. Add CS.02 to your hand lotion to give extra hydration to your skin.

2. Wear CS.02 when exposed to UV rays, especially when going to the beach.

3. If you bite your nails, add CS.01 to help sanitize and keep your cuticles healthy and clean.

4. If you want to soften your cuticles for a pedi, add either CS.01 or CS.02 to your cuticles before going to bed and wear socks. The next day, your cuticles will be incredibly soft and ready for your pedicure. It’ll make your pedicure much easier and faster.

5. Add a drop of any of the two cuticle oils to a scrub to make it less harsh on the skin while also more soothing and moisturizing.


We promise your cuticles will be looking cute after following these tips!  We also hope that this will inspire you to integrate cuticle serums into your daily routine and make them a part of your self-care rituals! Your cuticles deserve as much care and love as your nails.

 If you have any questions on how to use cuticle oils or any other nail care questions please reach out to us at [email protected] or send us a message on Instagram (@sundays_studio).

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