How to Apply Your Nail Polish Smudge-free

We always say nail polish application is a moment for you- a moment to relax and practice self-care. You shouldn’t focus too much on perfection but rather on the moment, reflecting, and being present. Applying nail polish should be a stress-free process but many of us find ourselves wanting a seamless salon-grade mani at home … Read more

How to store nail polish properly

How to store nail polish properly seems like an easy concept, but you might be surprised at how much it affects the durability of your nail polish. Storing your nail polish properly will help prevent thick formula consistency, help its durability, and will make your nail polish last longer on your nails. Our formula is … Read more

Beauty Within Founders Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee have a self-care day with sundays

Hi! You’ve found our Beauty Within blog featuring Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee. Beauty Within founders Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee take viewers on journeys of various lifestyle topics from beauty to wellness on their blog and YouTube channel with more than 2.5 million subscribers! Today they’re taking their viewers on a journey to sundays … Read more

3 things you didn’t know about hygge

What is hygge? In reality “hygge” translates to “cozy”, but it goes beyond the word, it’s more of a feeling like the feeling you get when spending time with family and friends. The word embodies mindfulness, mental release, and doing things that make you happy. For sundays, hygge is an important statement as we apply … Read more

Tips and tricks to get silky smooth feet at home

Even though we’re not going out as much, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel our most confident at home. Sometimes a small act like giving a little love to our feet is enough to make us look good and feel good. We often give more attention to our hands, but today we encourage you to … Read more

Fun facts about our nail polish

You probably know our polishes are vegan, 10-free, and non-toxic but do you know the story behind how they came about? Our founder, Amy Lin put all of her love and passion for health and beauty into perfecting the perfect nail polish formula. Every little detail, from packaging to the names of our polishes has … Read more

Match Your Nail Polish To Your Summer Jewlery

Beautiful hands are never out of season. Even though we’re spending much of our time at home, we still deserve to have beautiful hands and feel our most confident. But because we’re spending so much time at home our routines have gotten much simpler, including our nail care.  So here’s how you can achieve beautiful … Read more

How to treat nail ridges the natural way

What are even nail ridges? Nail ridges are very light/subtle vertical lines on the nails that don’t go away for a long time. Typically they represent a normal sign of aging. Although a natural body response that happens with time, nail ridges are something you can prevent. But this requires more internal changes rather than … Read more

Amy’s Meditation Tips For Beginners

Many of us, even though we’re spending so much time at home don’t make space in our schedule for self-care. Whether that’s because we’re taking care of families, working, or doing chores. But making that time for ourselves is important, to help us ground ourselves and find inner peace as well as balance, especially during … Read more

The Celebration of You

May is always a beautiful month and a big milestone for many of us. From celebrations like Mother’s Day, Labor Day, graduation, and even weddings, May is a month full of joy and excitement. However, this May is a little different for all of us. We have to stay inside and might have to miss … Read more