To All the Moms that Make Our Lives Special

Happy Mother’s Day from sundays family!  

You may or may not be a mom but all of us can celebrate this day for someone. We all might have a mom or know a mom, who loves, supports, educates and helps the family grow. Being a mom is a beautiful, rewarding role and a lot of times selfless. We want to say thank you to all the moms out there and wish you a day of relaxation, during which you feel supported and appreciated, because you deserve to feel special.

To those unable to celebrate this Mother’s Day in Person:

You might have planned out a favorite brunch place and a warm hug with your mom. We hear you and understand how much you love your mom. We also believe that distance can never come in between you showing you care and love her. The best gift you can give your mom is to share a memorable experience and a joyful moment. A small gesture can brighten your mom’s day and really go a long way. So give her a call, share a virtual brunch or even meditate together. 

To a stay at home mom:

First of all, just want to say how amazing you are! Staying at home with kids during the quarantine might not be the easiest thing. We hope you can squeeze in some time for yourself, especially today! When we take care of ourselves and we feel happy, that energy is contagious. Also, when we love ourselves, we set an example for our kids. A big shout out to new moms! Navigating through being a new mom is no easy task, but you did it! Please give yourself a thumbs up and don’t feel guilty if you do spend some “me time” today. You deserve to feel beautiful and special. 

To busy working moms: 

You have worked tirelessly to support your family and struggle with kids’ playtime while also balancing school and work. We can only imagine how difficult it can be balancing work and family. Maybe today, you can take a little break and enjoy being in the role of a mother without getting overwhelmed by demands of work. Give yourself the permission to relax and feel special. 

We believe every mom is beautiful, strong and fearless in her own way and we hope to add a little something to this wonderful day and make all moms in the community feel special. We’ve put together an IGTV video featuring interviews with 11 moms and made a list of 5 ways to make moms feel special at home. We hope we can inspire you to treat yourself and give yourself a little love.

1.Take a relaxing bath 

This is such a small thing any mom can do for herself. Light a non-toxic candle and listen to some meditation while you take a relaxing bath. Feel free to take as much time as you need, whatever makes you comfortable and will make you feel like you paid a little attention to yourself.

2.Meditate together and write self-care love letters

If you’re a mom or want to spend some quality time with a mom, meditation is a great way to do that. It’s important to take care of mental health, especially during these times. A meditation is a nice break from mom duties that will make every mom feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Even if you’re not near your mom, you can still meditate together. Give her a video call, light some non-toxic candles and play sundays meditation playlist. After your mini meditation, you can write yourself a love letter.  Even if you’re a mom or not, you should tell yourself what you appreciate about yourself and how much you admire your own spiritual growth. Write down what makes you proud to be a mom and share some words of encouragement with yourself. 

3.Have meal or a heart to heart with your loved one 

Cook your favorite meal with your loved one! Even if it’s a quick/easy meal. If you don’t have the time to cook a meal, just take the moment to have an adult talk with your significant other. You two can share a dinner or just toast to you being an amazing mom!

4.Have a family meal

If you’re surrounded by family and kids. Take the moment to cook a meal together. What better way to share your special moment than with loved ones. If you’re a mom that’s not near her kids, you can even do a virtual dinner!

5.Do a little at-home nail care

If you’re a mom yourself, why not celebrate your hard work by doing a little self-care. Light a sundays non-toxic candle, listen to some meditation and do a little mani/pedi or both! Then follow up by writing yourself a self-care love letter, to tell yourself what makes you proud to be a mom and note the little steps you took towards self-love and acceptance. If you don’t have the time to do a full mani/pedi, you can just paint your nails your favorite color or even make it a family activity by letting your significant other or kids paint your nails. 

Happy Mother’s Day from sundays family! We hope that you and your loved ones can enjoy this celebration and will find a little time for self-care. Please share with us how you’re celebrating Mother’s Day at [email protected] or reach out if you have any questions!


Sending love and support.

-Amy and sundays family


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