The Celebration of You

May is always a beautiful month and a big milestone for many of us. From celebrations like Mother’s Day, Labor Day, graduation, and even weddings, May is a month full of joy and excitement. However, this May is a little different for all of us. We have to stay inside and might have to miss out on seeing our loved ones during these important life events. We just want to say that we feel for you and know how difficult it may be not to share these moments with others.


However, the celebration doesn’t have to stop because we’re inside. We want to celebrate this beautiful, colorful month with you, so we launched our campaign “Celebrate You, Share Your Color Story”. We believe that everyone’s favorite color has a meaning behind it and represents who they are while representing different feelings or moments for them. Color could be tied to nostalgic life events, or signify a connection with a loved one. While a color could be something that makes, you feel special, confident, and empowered.  


With that being said, we would like to share a color story from our team member, Victoria Geh:

 “Easily the most natural and elegant shade, No. 07 is my favorite shade for all season and all occasions. The warm and subtle tones boost my confidence, especially when I’m playing the flute, and I notice my fingers pressing down on the keys with grace.  The color also works so well with other pastels such as No. 30, L. 03, No. 05, and No.27 that brighten my day.” – @victoriageh



We use our hands for so many important moments and parts of our lives that represent who we are, like playing the flute, typing a lovely message to someone we care about, cutting a cake at a wedding/birthday, or holding hands with a loved one. As we look down at our hands and our favorite polish shade, it reminds of those special moments. A big part of our life’s celebrations is perhaps going to the salon and getting pampered. Even though we don’t have access to this, we can still make ourselves feel special by putting on our favorite nail polish shade. It’s a little way we can treat ourselves and help lift our mood. With that being said we would love to share your story, just like Victoria’s. After you purchase any of these: manicure kit, wellness box of 5 or 3, type your favorite polish shade in the note section and we’ll send you a complimentary nail polish. After you receive your nail polish, tag us Instagram, sharing your color story and we’ll repost it! Or you can email us at [email protected].


We hope you have a wonderful month of celebration because you deserve to be celebrated. And we hope we inspire you to treat yourself and make yourself feel special. We can’t wait to hear about your favorite color story!

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