How to Apply Your Nail Polish Smudge-free

We always say nail polish application is a moment for you- a moment to relax and practice self-care. You shouldn’t focus too much on perfection but rather on the moment, reflecting, and being present. Applying nail polish should be a stress-free process but many of us find ourselves wanting a seamless salon-grade mani at home … Read more

How to store nail polish properly

How to store nail polish properly seems like an easy concept, but you might be surprised at how much it affects the durability of your nail polish. Storing your nail polish properly will help prevent thick formula consistency, help its durability, and will make your nail polish last longer on your nails. Our formula is … Read more

6 tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling

Even if you’re a pro at doing your mani, you’ve definitely struggled with air bubbles ruining your masterpiece. We often get our clients asking how they can prevent this from happening, so we thought we would provide the answers! Here are some handy tips on how to prevent your mani from bubbling.     1. … Read more

Give thanks to your hands

Aristotle once said, “The hand is an instrument of instruments”. How often have we stopped to think about the parts of our body that bless us with the ability to carry out our daily lives? But when we pause to reflect about our hands, they give us the ability to experience all that it is … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Nails Stronger

Our nails have been through a lot in the past few months. With the pandemic outbreak, our bodies went through a significant amount of stress; our diet might have changed, our living or work situation might have changed,  plus our frequent hand washing and usage of hand sanitizer all contributed to our nails becoming weaker. … Read more

Self-reflection is self-care

Digging in deep and acknowledging our feelings can sometimes be uncomfortable but it’s an important step towards self-love and acceptance. We are the only ones present in our bodies and therefore should make it a wonderful place to be in. But it takes a few steps and building blocks to reach that level of being … Read more

Match Your Nail Polish To Your Summer Jewlery

Beautiful hands are never out of season. Even though we’re spending much of our time at home, we still deserve to have beautiful hands and feel our most confident. But because we’re spending so much time at home our routines have gotten much simpler, including our nail care.  So here’s how you can achieve beautiful … Read more

How to fix a broken nail

We’ve all been there. You spent so long growing your nails and then you go to open a soda can or do some household chores and your nail breaks! It’s super frustrating, especially if you have a fresh mani on. But don’t get discouraged, there are ways you can fix a broken nail without pulling … Read more

Let’s Turn Nail Care Into Self Care

At sundays, we are all about daily self-care rituals that enhance the quality of life and elevate the mood, our mindful manicures being one of those. Whatever you do in life should be done with intent, so the next time you do your mani, incorporate a bit of mindfulness and self-awareness into the act. Here’s … Read more

How to treat nail ridges the natural way

What are even nail ridges? Nail ridges are very light/subtle vertical lines on the nails that don’t go away for a long time. Typically they represent a normal sign of aging. Although a natural body response that happens with time, nail ridges are something you can prevent. But this requires more internal changes rather than … Read more