Let’s Turn Nail Care Into Self Care

At sundays, we are all about daily self-care rituals that enhance the quality of life and elevate the mood, our mindful manicures being one of those. Whatever you do in life should be done with intent, so the next time you do your mani, incorporate a bit of mindfulness and self-awareness into the act. Here’s how:

1.Don’t try to be perfect

Instead of focusing on perfection and the end result of your manicure, make sure to observe how you feel while doing it and any thought process you might have as you work on your self-care mani. Perfection is not the key here, however, the awareness is.
Mani + pic by Jil Carrara


2.Listen to meditation during your mani

At sundays we are known for our meditation manis. Make sure to listen to our sundays studio custom meditation on Spotify, while doing your mani, for an elevated experience and deeper relaxation. Pick from meditations that include topics like Gratitude, Focus, and Relaxation. Whatever feels right at the moment!
sundays meditation playlist


3. Light a non-toxic candle

We always believe in taking your mani experience one step further, that’s why we have created non-toxic candles, which happen to be a perfect addition to any self-care ritual. The soothing aroma of our sundays candles will fill your space with positivity and good feeling.
C.01 Smoked Hemp Flowers Candle


4.Wear a reminder to feel your most beautiful 

Look amazing and feel good in our affirmation t-shirts. Designed to be gentle reminders for you, so that you can feel good inside and out every single day. Now you can carry your favorite affirmation wherever you go.
Ts.01 Affirmation T-Shirt


5. Write yourself a love letter

At our sundays studios we encourage our clients to write love letters to themselves. We encourage you to do the same. Some loving words of encouragement will do wonders for your overall well-being.  Learn how to write yourself a love letter here!





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