Thanks for your support! We’re learning as we grow.

sundays is little over a year old, and it’s been a crazy journey so far.

Running a business is like most things in life – full of ups and downs. We’re so grateful for how far we’ve come, and for the continuous support from our amazing community! Having said that, we’re still growing. And as we grow, we realize that a lot of what has worked before may not work so well anymore.

Recently, we received some feedback from our community – which is always a really great opportunity for us to listen, learn and provide a better service in the future. From that feedback, we’ve set up a new and improved booking system and set of standards in-studio. Many improvements are being made over the coming weeks to make your sundays visit the best it can be.

Our biggest thanks to all our community who continue to support us, despite small technical difficulties once in a while! You’re our main priority, so if you have some feedback (things you liked, things you didn’t like, new ideas, anything!) we’d love to hear from you.

The best is yet to come.
the sundays team


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