Thania Peck, Catcher in the Style

After a successful modeling career, Thania Peck decided that she wanted something more fulfilling that would allow her to have a greater impact on the world. It was at this point that she started her own fashion lifestyle blog, Catcher in the Style.

Thania is the type of individual that just gives off an aura of positivity. Before I knew that I would be interviewing her, I sat in the studio quietly with my laptop. From across the room she gave me a genuine smile, even though she came in for a treatment designed for her to relax and center herself, she was still conscious of everything and everyone around her. In this interview I asked her basic questions about herself and her background, but it became more and more clear with every answer that everything she does is for more than just herself.

Sundays Studio: Tell me a bit about your background and what you do.

Thania Peck: I’m originally from South Africa, but I grew up in San Diego, and I’m in Williamsburg now. I’ve been fashion blogging for 4 years. It started with just a site and then brands started contacting me and giving me lots of feedback. I’m also an ambassador for four different charities. There’s Young and Brave, we raise money for cancer youth. In northern California there’s another one, it’s called Slide Ranch. It teaches underprivileged kids about sustainability and eco-friendly practices. I do stuff with AMFAR and DKMS here as well. Oh, and I’m also a Tom’s shoes ambassador.

SS: Do you like travelling for work?

TP: Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

SS: In your opinion, what is the definition of beauty and confidence?

TP: My definition of beauty is people who are very kind and selfless, because anybody can be beautiful from the outside but they can be terrible and dark on the inside, and I don’t think that’s beautiful. Experience is what makes people confident, and a good support group. I also mentor a couple teenage girls, one was suicidal and the other one had a little bit of mental health issues as well. So I worked with her and just treated her like a regular person, instead of a victim. We went through different things, like when you’re an entrepreneur and how you have to be very regimented, you have to have your own schedule, and be self-motivated to get your stuff done and keep it organized. I tried to help her implement that into her life. We practiced being aware of the choices that you’re actively making, and how to weed out the ones that are unhealthy. Now she’s doing great.

SS: What is the most interesting part of your job?

TP: Meeting people and getting to teach people about what I do, and the charity work that I am surrounded by -even if it’s just my peers. I want everybody to know that they can be a part of something bigger. I continuously spread the word about my projects. In my opinion, it makes life more purposeful.

TP: How do you usually spend your time off?

SS: I usually spend my leisure time at sundays getting my nails done and hanging with Amy. I met her through an event and we became good friends. I really believe she is revolutionizing the beauty industry, so I try to introduce her to my influencer friends. I think its really important that we all support each other.

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