sundays story: Liz

My name is Liz. I’m from Ecuador, I’ve been here for 4 years. I came here by myself when I was 21. I came here to U.S. work as a nail specialist. I miss my friends and food the most in my hometown. I can find some Ecuadorian food in New York City, but it doesn’t taste the same. I really miss the food my dad made for me.

I studied to be a nail technician in my country. It took me 2.5 years to get licensed to become a professional nail specialist. I enjoy working at sundays studio. It uses vegan and nontoxic products unlike other salons. The other polishes smell so bad… I really like my co-workers. Everyone comes from different places so I can learn about their cultures and more about them in general. I want to go to different places now, like China, because a lot of my friends are from there.

In a long run, I want to study nursing, and learn more English. I like helping people. I really want to work with children who have specific illnesses. I remember there were kids in my country who were alone in the hospital because their parents had to work or just couldn’t be there. I want to become a person who can spend time with them, and help them while they are sick in the hospital.

For me, beauty means being confident in myself and I think that you don’t need too many extra things to feel beautiful.

sundays nail artist – Liz

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