sundays story: Diana

My name is Diana and I was born in Ecuador. I moved to New York in 2010. Currently I live in Queens. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. One older brother lives in New York like me but the rest of the family is in Ecuador.

I came here because my father gave me the opportunity to have a better life. To start fresh and have a job. I wanted to come here to learn.

I went to a nail school in Ecuador and started working as a nail artist in 2007. I started working at sundays in the beginning of this summer. My dream is to do social work and for that I am learning English.

I think sundays has very good products that are non-toxic and packed with nutrients, so they are good for the skin. Nail polish colors stay on for a long time. I love that us nail artists work great together as a team. We always help each other. We are not afraid to ask questions from each other and give ideas to improve.

  • I think beauty is found inside the person. True beauty is to be respectful to others.
  • Confidence for me is having trust in others who are loyal
  • Three words that describe me the best are: forgiving, helpful, sensitive
  • One word that sums up sundays is: amazing

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