sundays story: Coco

My name is Coco, I’m from Fujian in Southern China, which is very close to the sea. I came to New York eight years ago.

I moved here because of my family. I have three sons, the youngest is thirteen, and the two oldest are eighteen… they’re twins! I came here with them, I wanted them to have the best future and the best education possible. The education system in China can be really difficult for kids, school here is much better for them. They like it here a lot.

I started working at sundays last year, my friend Shirley introduced me. She had told me it was different to the other salons I had been working in, so I came to visit and I really liked it, so I stayed. The other salons I had worked in, there were a lot of strong smells from the chemicals that you breathe in everyday… but here it’s better. It’s better for my health and my body. I can feel it.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my boys. Sometimes we’ll stay home, or go somewhere nice when the sun is out. I love to visit Coney Island and be by the water, my sons love swimming there too. I do like to cook, but with three boys it can be a lot of work (and mess), so I’d rather go out to eat with them. My favorite thing to eat here is shrimp and lobster – seafood of course!

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