Why Use Top and Base Coat?


Picking out a new shade might be the most satisfying aspect of any salon trip. However, the colorless swipes sandwiching your polish are an essential part of the manicure too.

Why do nail salons always use top coat and base coat with your polish manicure or pedicure? Top coats and base coats play an important role in keeping nails healthy and color long-lasting.

Base coats nourish the nail and can keep polishes from staining the nail. A good base coat formula is loaded with nail conditioners, moisturizers, vitamins and minerals. Different base coat formulas can target issues such as ridges or weak and breaking nails. sunday’s garlic oil-infused base coat naturally fights nail fungus, and the deep nutrition formula includes apricot and avocado oil to moisturize. In addition, the base coat creates a smooth surface for the polish and help the polish adhere strongly to the nail. It contains a higher concentration of cellulose molecules, the same indigestible fibers veggies are made of, which make a strong and “sticky” primed surface for the color application. The addition of plasticizers, polymers that remain flexible and shiny when they dry, in the base coat and color polish mean that your manicure will flex and bend with the nail instead of cracking or flaking as you use your hands over the course of the day.

The cherry on top of a perfect manicure is top coat. The top coat boosts shine and adds protection. Because it seals the color, top coat shields the polish from chipping or fading. It can add major shine or offer fun finishes such as glitter or matte. Quick-dry topcoats can help dry polish faster by wicking away the solvents faster than air-drying alone.

Here are more ways to dry nail polish faster.

Can you use these interchangeably or buy “2-in-1” products? I wouldn’t recommend because the formulas are tailored for their jobs: the base coat is sticky to protect the nail and bind the color and can directly deliver added nutrients to the nail. The top coat is the shield between your beautiful manicure and your busy day.

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