Weekend Reset: 7 Ways to Mentally Prep Yourself for the Week Ahead

In a fast-paced world that tends to lean towards the glorification of the daily hustle, we have a lot of explaining to do when it comes to switching our minds off work mode after we’re done for the week. It’s easy to feel like we haven’t fully rested even on our day off, leaving us even more tired the next week. While we can’t eliminate your perpetual to-do lists we can certainly help you mentally reset to ultimately allow your creative flow to reboot.

We’d like to introduce just a few wellness rituals over these sacred days that can actually make you more effective and productive for the work week ahead.

This blog includes:

  • The Importance of a Weekend Reset
  • Tips on How to Reset on the Weekend
  • Products that Help You Relax
  • Wellness Rituals

7 Things You Should Do Every Weekend to Help You Reset:

1. Nourish and move your body
This is more than just having an abundance of fresh and healthy produce on hand but it is a great time to slow down and take a stroll around your local Farmers’ Market. Take the time to cook, savor and enjoy slowly nutrient-dense meals. Sip on herbal teas, fresh juices, and natural smoothies. Replenish your cells with nutrients that will charge your energy levels for the week ahead.

Moreso, get out and stretch. Physical activity is often sacrificed during the work week due to exhaustion and long work hours. Check in with your body and start or end your weekend with some movement that aligns with how you’re feeling. This can simply be stepping outside for a slow walk or hike, or dancing by yourself to music that energizes the body and mind.

2. Soak up some sun
We’re often indoors for so many hours, no wonder we’re all most likely Vitamin D deficient. Simply stepping outdoors and soaking in a little bit of sunshine can do wonders. The energy of the sun is well known for helping boost the mind and body both internally and externally, and can even help improve the immune system.

3. Practice self-care
We’re a big fan of this one, after all, this is one of the foundations of our brand. Embrace the hygge concept and take time to reconnect with yourself even if it’s a bath with essential oils and a candle (like our organic soy candles) to freshen the senses. Have a massage or give yourself a massage with our extra hydrating moisturizer. Paint your nails (with our nontoxic polish of course), the list is endless. Treat yourself to something that relaxes, invigorates, and makes you feel good.

Alternatively, you can always come into our studios and get a fully rejuvenating experience through our natural services like our Ancient Rituals Foot Soak aimed to relax tired feet and relax the senses.

4. Cleanse your living space
Many might call this housework but the key here is to not allow this ritual to become a chore or take up the entire day. Rituals should feed the soul, therefore focus on the joy and satisfaction you receive from creating a clutter-free space to come home to or decorating a small area without making it feel exhausting. Fresh flowers, clean sheets, and a little decluttering go a long toward a zen living space – and mind.

5. Do a digital detox
A digital detox doesn’t have to solely mean putting your phone away, it can also mean spring cleaning your social feeds and organizing your inboxes to reduce unnecessary build-ups. Technology can become a rabbit hole that sucks us into the never-ending loop of distraction. If you can’t unplug your phone and computer for a full 48 hours try just a few hours. Live presently and focus on real-life connections.

6. Organize your phone with folders of affirmations
We’re big on affirmations. Not only do they help boost your mood but they motivate you to not only feel better but do better for yourself. It encourages self-growth and self-worth. For example, productivity can be renamed as “I am productive”, learning & creative apps can be named “I am learning”, social media can become “I am connected”, luxury and shopping apps will become “I am blessed” and fitness apps will be named “I am healthy”. Every time you look at them, you’ll see the affirmations you set that perfectly align with the category.

7. Be still
If you find yourself rushing from commitments and deadlines, now is your chance to slow down for a couple of days and recharge. Catch up on sleep, do some guided meditation, or reflect through journaling. Simply do nothing for a little while without feeling like you’ve done nothing the whole weekend. The key to self-care is not feeling guilty or having to explain why you did or didn’t do something.

A wellness journey is a continuous journey. For more wellness tips and nail health advice, read our blog.

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