The Transformative Power of Simplicity


Noun – ‘a thing that is plain, natural, or easy to understand’

After many years in the nail industry, sundays Founder and CEO Amy Ling Lin grew frustrated by the questionable ingredients and overwhelming options within the industry. She decided that life is all about choices, and more choice isn’t actually empowering – it’s frustrating. Instead, things should be simple and easy, like sunday morning.

That’s when sundays was born.

Lin decided to create a simplistic nail care brand completely free from complication. Taking inspiration from the principles of Scandinavian and Japanese Minimalism, she built sundays to reflect Simplicity in every aspect – from product formulas and color palettes, to the studio design. Upon stepping foot in a sundays studio, it’s clear to see that simplicity is a main priority – because let’s be honest, life is complicated enough already!

Here’s how we’re putting simplicity back into Nail Care:

Simple Ingredients
Sick of using products filled with unfamiliar ingredients which had adverse effects on her employees’ and clients’ health, Lin made her own range of non-toxic vegan polishes instead. Everything that goes into a sundays product is carefully considered, only selecting pure ingredients we know and trust, and keeping ingredients lists to a minimum.

Simple Studios
Traveling to Denmark and inspired by the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ – Lin designed our NYC studios to be cozy havens of serene simplicity in an otherwise bustling and frantic city. Carefully-curated with bespoke natural furnishings and muted colors, sundays believes in the transformative power of your surroundings.

Simple Choice
How many shades of red do you actually need? Having witnessed client frustrations and dissatisfaction, Lin intentionally limited the number of colors on offer in the sundays range. Empowering her clients to make a satisfying choice when decision-time comes. In this case, less truly is more.

Living simply is, dare we say – simple! It can often be so difficult to focus on what really matters in life – Simplicity encourages you to clear away the physical and mental clutter, so you can really pay attention to what’s important. Ultimately, it’s not what we add to our lives that makes a difference, but what we take away.

Doing things simply has been such an inspiring and eye-opening journey for us, we hope you’ll join us.

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