The beauty in your eyes

Beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes

Last January, I went to a trip in Santiago, Chile.  On one particular sunny Sunday afternoon, I walked around the art district to find some work from local artists. Some photos of windows caught my attention. I picked one up and asked the artist where he found those beautiful windows. He smiled and said “It is on the same street we are at, actually, just a few blocks from here.” I was a bit shocked. I had just walked from that street and couldn’t recall seeing these beautiful windows. I must have been too busy looking at other tourist  attractions and didn’t notice those windows.

After the trip, I started intentionally trying to discover and appreciate the beautiful things around me, even those that were not as obvious. I didn’t want to miss them.

Upon arriving back home in New York City, I was greeted by the windy and snowy weather; the complete opposite from what I had just experienced Santiago. However, I realized that although it was different, and maybe not ideal, it was still beautiful in its own way. It is all about perspective. I could look at it as a bitter, cold day, or I could see beautiful, white fluffy snow covering everything around me.

I look at people the same way. Some clients tell me that their nails are not pretty enough or long enough or their hands have wrinkles. I feel a bit confused because no matter what they say,  I still see beautiful hands and beautiful nails. They might not look the same as those perfect pictures shown in magazines, but to me they are more beautiful because they are unique, they are real and they are relatable.

The moral of the story is that someone out there will appreciate your beauty. It is okay to be yourself.  It is good to develop an “artist” approach, so that you can see more beauty in others. I once heard the  statement “Beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects in your eyes.” I really agree with the saying. I am a natural beauty promoter and truly believe in it. We can’t change the way we look, without taking drastic measures, but we can change the way we see beauty, and  the way how we see ourselves. I really mean  it when I compliment a client’s nails. I really believe that we are all unique in our own way and I hope we can all keep developing an “artist’s eye” to discover more beauty around us and within us.

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