Precious Moments With Dad

Happy Father’s Day! We want to thank all the men out there that have been a role model to us,  been there for us, and actively taught us and the children in their lives important life skills. Dads deserve a little pat on the shoulder, to hear our appreciation of the moments we have with them and to hear us say “Thank you, job well done.” These precious bonding memories with dad can make us feel loved and shape who we are today.

Today, we want to celebrate the dads that have influenced our community, so we reached out to some of our clients and asked them to share their favorite memories with dad:

“One of the best memories that comes to mind of my dad and me is the times that I’ve faced challenges or put a lot of pressure on myself and he’s come to my aid and been supportive, caring, and funny, somehow all at the same time. Looking back, most of these challenges weren’t too serious, but he was always the first person to help me look at things with a positive outlook and make me laugh when I wasn’t feeling great.” 

Maddie Pasquariello (@eastcoasthealth)

“One of my favorite memories with my dad is the time we grill and cook together. He’s definitely the type of dad who takes grilling extremely seriously- the first thing he shovels in the winter during a snowstorm is a path to the grill! I always love those summer memories after a day with the family and grilling up some amazing food for everyone. A few weekends ago I was able to go home and visit and convinced him we should try and make a pizza on some pizza stones in the grill and at first he was not thrilled about a “non meat” grilling idea… But we made them and they were perfect! It was a great memory to turn the grilling tables around and teach him something new just like he taught me!”

-Nina Poosikian (@whatninaate)
“My dad is my best friend. I am so lucky to have such an amazing father, mentor, supporter and confidante so close. I have a million amazing memories- hide and seek in the dark, going to carvel, business meetings and brainstorms, countless trips together… and now watching him and my baby girl become best of friends too.”
-Alana Frankfort founder of A Founder’s Lab (@afounderslab)
“The relationship I have with my dad is one I treasure and value so so much. He has always found ways to enjoy every moment no matter how tough, that the storm will pass and that we can make the most of any situation that presents itself and learn from it. We always find ways to enjoy life, have a laugh and be silly! He encourages that and is always playful! This is just one of many moments, a family trip in my late 30’s at DisneyLand. He waited for us for 30mins while we deliberated over which ears to get – he thought these looked the best on me!”
Leanne Doan (Reddit)
We hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day and that you get to spend it with those who make you feel loved and supported. Even though social distancing might have come in our way of celebrating with dad, we can still honor him with a little reminder of just how much we appreciate everything he’s done for us. These treasured memories we hold onto make us feel loved and supported and truly leave a big imprint into our own identities. Today, we can make dad feel supported and loved with a special moment we can share with him, whether that’s making a meal together, doing a little nail care together, watching our favorite movie together, or simply reminding him of just how much we appreciate the special moments we were able to share with him.



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