Decluttering For Summer

“When you clean up the clutter of the subconscious mind, it’s going to be filled with your own intuitive power” – Guru Jagat

As the prolonged winter unclenches its isolation and summer resurges through the trees, it seems as the essential time to clean out unnecessary clutter around your home. Free yourself from the harness that held you down during these past chilling months.

Stray from going room by room. Certain items will continue to linger and the process will become a ceaseless entity devouring your time. Mark you calendar for a day when nothing will distract you.

Direct towards specific items. Having them in one spot will help you determine where they will live. If you are a scholar with books piled around the house, bring them all together. You can arrange by author, title, genre, color, or size. How about your home office? Fill those drawers with flexible dividers for office supplies. Recycled outdated materials. Keep crucial paperwork on file in a designated folder.

Sentiments restore nostalgic reflections. Curate them for periods of reflection. How about those pictures kept in a shoe box under your bed? Store them in photo albums. Don’t waste your time looking at every image and reminiscing, save that moment with family and friends. In those moments you can then decide which ones to frame, hang, and organize.

Are you a shoe connoisseur? Place a shoe rack near the front door. Arrange your shoes from commonly worn to “special occasions”. This technique will keep a head start as you head out for a long days work or a night on the town. For your elegant shoes that come out once in a blue moon, store them in shoe boxes. Opening the box will revamp the essence of wearing them for the first time. The convenient trick of stacking boxes is crucial for unused space in closets.

When organizing your wardrobe, donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore. If there’s something you like, but it’s worn, revamp it. Old t-shirts are perfect for crop tops and tanks during the summer season. Don’t spend unnecessary money on work out clothes when your tired sweats are ready to be worn.

Keep what you need. That is the goal of your purge!

As you venture into the task, ask yourself “why do I need this? What do I need it for? When will I use it?”

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