Being Mindful Despite the Challenges: Daily Affirmations to Help Ease Anxiety

At sundays we want to make our clients look good and feel good. We believe beauty is inside and out and that there is no amount of makeup that can replace your beautiful smile or cover what you’re feeling inside. During difficult times like these, it’s natural to feel stressed and sometimes powerless, but it’s important to know that we do have control over how we respond or interact with that stress inside us. Don’t let it overtake you. As Viktor E. Frankl, the author of man’s searching for meaning, once said:  “we always have the freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

To help you manage and control stress, our founder Amy Lin curated her favorite affirmations from topics such as challenges, relationships and prosperity and decided to share them with you, our sundays family.

She says:

“The first thing we do in the morning can set up a tone and a good foundation for the rest of the day. This is an unusual time and we get to spend a lot of time with ourselves. Sometimes a little pat on the shoulder can go a long way. There is always this little voice in our heads that tells us we are not enough, we can’t handle certain things, but this affirmation can help us feel empowered and over time replace the negative voice in our head, or turn that volume down. In that light, I would like to share some of the affirmations I do in the morning, feel free to choose 8 to 10 things that resonate with you. You can spend 3 – 5 mins speaking silently to yourself or you can speak to yourself in the mirror. This is a combination of affirmations to specifically help with the current situation. “



We recommend lighting a candle, to create a positive and relaxing atmosphere in your space, and making yourself a cup of tea before you start your daily affirmations. Choose from any of the affirmations below that speak to you on a spiritual level and will help you feel most mentally at ease.


I am Affirmation

I am healthy and worthy.

I am beautiful, I am powerful.

I am wise and brave.

I am safe.

I am made with purpose of doing great things.

I attract abundance in my life and am worthy of the abundance.

My life is love, wealth and happiness.

I choose to love and respect myself.


About Challenges

I trust the universe, I am doing my best, no matter the situation.

Fear is just a feeling, I overcome it and move forward.

I am at ease with the uncontrollable things that happened in my life, I am ready for any challenges.

I am at peace with anything that happened, happens and will happen in my life.

I focus on the good of any given situation and accept the new experiences.

I wisely react to any challenges that come my way.

I live in the present and feel hopeful about the bright future.

I am comfortable being alone with myself.

I heal myself from any frustration and anxiety.

I forgive myself for the mistakes I made.



All my relationships have a purpose and they fulfill me.

Everything I need comes to me at the right moment.

I can not change another person, I let the other be themselves, because I simply and

wholeheartedly love myself.

I attract long lasting friendship in my life.

I peacefully detach myself from negative people and negative thoughts.

I am worthy of being respected and loved by my wonderful partner.

I attract long lasting friendships into my life.

I am loved.



I bravely enter this world filled with infinite possibility and happiness.

I have faith in my potential and have the power to reach my goal.

I am constantly learning, learning from everything happening in my life.

I accept my uniqueness and how special I am and there is no competition, because we are all different.

Wealth constantly comes into my life.

I trust my inner wisdom, I trust my intuition.



We believe that everyone deserves to feel at-ease and mentally present and we hope that these affirmations will help you do that.Beyond being mentally present, we want you to trust your inner power as only you have control over how you’re feeling.You can subscribe to our newsletter where we will be including our daily affirmations, just as a little reminder to take care of yourself. We will be including little affirmation cards in our product packages as well. 🙂

Just remember that you are not alone, even when you are by yourself. We are always here to support you and we always want to be there for our sundays family. So please reach out if you need anything, whether that’s tips on how to stay mentally present or simply nail-care tips. Email us at [email protected].


We are sending our love and support.

-Amy and sundays family



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