Asking Nail Experts: This or That?

You found our post asking our nail experts this or that questions.

Today, we sat down with one of our lovely nail experts, Janice, and asked her a series of This or That questions relating to nails.

These responses will help you navigate common nail care and design choices. Whether you’re deciding between gel or traditional polish, almond or stiletto shapes, or classic nudes versus bold colors, we’re here to offer insights and tips.

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Let’s get to it!

Asking Nail Experts: This or That?

Question 1: Gel or regular (nail polish)?

Janice: Gel.

Question 2: Square or round-shaped nails?

Janice: Neither. But, if I had to pick, I would pick round.

Question 3: French manicure or solid color? 

Janice: Solid color.

Question 4: Do you like glitter or do you like matte? 

Janice: Glitter.

Question 5: Short or long nails for yourself? 

Janice: Long, but I can’t work with long nails, so it’ll have to be short.

Question 6: Do you like nail art or plain colors?

Janice: Nail art.

Question 7: Do you like bright colors or neutral tones? 

Janice: Bright.

Question 8: Do you prefer ombré or gradient nails?

Janice: Ombré.

Question 9: Stiletto or almond nail shape? 

Janice: Almond.

Question 10: Classic red or butter yellow color? 

Janice: Butter yellow.

Question 11: Rhinestones or no embellishments? 

Janice: They’re expensive to keep, so I don’t have any, but I would prefer rhinestones.

Question 12: Pastel colors or neon colors? 

Janice: Neon.

Question 13: Cuticle oil or hand lotion? 

Janice: Cuticle oil.

Question 14: Do you get season-themed nails or everyday styles? 

Janice: Seasonal.

Question 15: DIY nails or professional manicures? 

Janice: Oh, that one’s a hard one. I encourage DIY if you have the resources for educating yourself on doing it right because I think it’s really fun and that’s how I got started with nails. But I think as a professional, I have to say professional!

 Final Thoughts on Asking Our Nail Expert This or That Questions

We hope you enjoyed this session of “Asking our Nail Expert: This or That?” with our wonderful nail expert, Janice. Her insights offer valuable guidance on making nail care and design choices, from the type of polish to the shape of your nails, and everything in between.

Whether you’re a fan of glitter or matte, prefer almond shapes over stiletto, or love the look of bright neon colors, there’s something here for everyone.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked nail questions.

1. What are the main differences between gel and regular nail polish?

Gel polish is cured under a UV or LED light, which makes it more durable and longer-lasting compared to regular nail polish. Gel polish typically lasts up to two weeks without chipping, while regular polish may start to chip within a few days. However, gel polish requires a soak-off process for removal, whereas regular polish can be easily removed with standard nail polish remover.

How can I decide between almond and stiletto nail shapes?

The choice between almond and stiletto nail shapes depends on your personal style and lifestyle. Almond nails have a tapered, rounded tip that is elegant and less prone to breakage, making them a practical yet stylish option. Stiletto nails, with their sharp, pointed tips, make a bold statement but can be less practical for everyday activities due to their shape and length.

Is nail art more damaging to nails than plain color polish?

Nail art itself is not more damaging to nails than plain color polish. The key to maintaining healthy nails is proper application and removal techniques. Regardless of whether you choose nail art or plain color, avoid harsh chemicals, over-buffing, and forceful removal of polish. Using a good base coat, top coat, and moisturizing your cuticles regularly can help keep your nails healthy.

What is the best way to take care of my nails if I prefer long nails?

If you prefer long nails, it’s important to keep them strong and healthy to prevent breakage. Regularly apply cuticle oil to keep the nail bed hydrated, and use a nail strengthener if your nails are prone to weakness. Be cautious with your nails during activities that might cause stress or damage, and consider wearing gloves during tasks like cleaning or gardening. Filing your nails in one direction can also help prevent splitting.

How often should I use cuticle oil and hand lotion?

Cuticle oil can be used daily, ideally multiple times a day, to keep the cuticles and nail bed moisturized and healthy. Hand lotion should also be used regularly, especially after washing your hands, to keep your skin hydrated. Incorporating these products into your daily routine can help maintain healthy, beautiful nails and hands.

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