Gel or Regular Nail Polish?

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At sundays, our mission is to elevate your well-being through mindful beauty rituals, celebrating the confidence that a beautifully done manicure can inspire.

Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with The Rose Room NYC to host an exclusive event, during which local influencers received complimentary manicures.

During this event, we sat down with these influencers and asked each one, “Do you prefer regular or gel nails?”

In this post, you’ll hear directly from the influencers about their choice of nail polish and why.

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Let’s get to it!

Question 1: What’s your name and Instagram handle?

Dani: My name is Dani and my Instagram handle is @dvnihernandez

Dasom: My name is Dasom and my Instagram handle is @explorewithdasom

Robyn: My name is Robyn and my Instagram handle is @robynwilliamson

Synclaire: My name is Synclaire and my Instagram handle is @synclaire_warren

Leah: My name is Leah and my Instagram handle is @two_scoops_of_style

Sarah: My name is Sarah and my Instagram handle is also @two_scoops_of_style

Hope: My name is Hope and my Instagram handle is @hopewright33

Germania: My name is Germania and my Instagram handle is @germaniadmh

Sofia Nova: My name is Sofia Nova and my Instagram handle is @sofiaxnova

Question 2: Do You Prefer Gel or Regular Nail Polish? 

Dani: At the moment I’m actually used to using powder because it lasts for 3 weeks or so.

Dasom: I’m definitely gel because I need the extensions to make my nails look longer

Robyn: I have to get regular because of work. They have to be able to take them off whenever.

Synclaire: Very similar to Robyn, I have to get regular as well.

Leah: I kind of alternate just because the gel is harsh on my nails, so I alternate between gel and regular.

Sarah: I usually alternate.

Hope: I’ve been using gel polish recently because it lasts longer for me, but I’m open to trying other polishes.

Germania: I honestly go back and forth between gel and regular polish. I feel like the gel here is so good and takes care of your nail bed, but when certain jobs call for you to just have polish on, then I’ll get regular so it’s easier to put on and off.

Sofia Nova: Gel. My mom yells at me if I don’t get gel, and I don’t know why. She says, ” It’s so much better and they stay longer.” My nails break no matter what because they’re so long every time I get them done, so why not gel?

Final Thoughts Gel or Regular Nail Polish

In this post, we’ve explored the preferences of local influencers regarding regular versus gel nail polish. From Dani’s preference for powder nails to Dasom’s love for gel extensions, the influencers highlighted how personal preferences and practical considerations guide their decisions. Hopefully, this post helped you understand more about the options available and inspired you to find what works best for you.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about gel and regular nail polish

1. What are the main differences between regular and gel nail polish?

Regular nail polish is a liquid lacquer applied to the nail and left to air dry. It typically lasts about a week before chipping. Gel nail polish, on the other hand, is a more durable option cured under a UV or LED lamp. It can last up to three weeks without chipping. Gel polish has a glossier finish and provides extra strength to the nails.

2. Which type of nail polish is better for the health of my nails?

Both regular and gel nail polishes have their pros and cons when it comes to nail health. Regular polish is less likely to cause damage as it doesn’t require UV light for curing and is easier to remove. However, gel polish can provide extra protection and strength to the nails. The key to maintaining healthy nails is to give them breaks between manicures and to use nourishing treatments and cuticle oils.

3. How should I remove gel nail polish to avoid damaging my nails?

To remove gel nail polish safely, it’s best to use the soak-off method. Start by gently filing the top coat of the gel to break the seal. Then, soak cotton balls in acetone, place them on your nails, and wrap each finger in aluminum foil. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. After soaking, the gel should easily come off with a gentle push from a cuticle stick. Avoid peeling or picking at the gel polish to prevent nail damage.

4. Can I do gel nails at home, and what do I need?

Yes, you can do gel nails at home with the right tools. You will need a gel base coat, gel color polish, gel top coat, and a UV or LED lamp to cure the polish. Follow the instructions carefully, applying thin layers and curing each layer under the lamp. Be sure to prep your nails properly by cleaning, buffing, and applying a dehydrator to ensure the gel polish adheres well and lasts longer.

5. How often should I get my nails done, and is it okay to switch between regular and gel polish?

The frequency of getting your nails done depends on your personal preference and nail health. Most people get their nails done every 2-3 weeks. It’s perfectly fine to switch between regular and gel polish to give your nails a break from the more intensive gel process. Regularly moisturizing your nails and cuticles and using strengthening treatments can help maintain healthy nails regardless of the type of polish you use.

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