Should Men Get Manicures?

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Are manicures for men? Manicures for men refer to the grooming practice involving the care and styling of a man’s fingernails. Treatments might include basic cleaning, nail trimming, and even elaborate nail art. The purpose of these treatments is to maintain clean, well-groomed nails, which can enhance personal appearance and hygiene. These treatments are also known as “boys manicures” and “male nail care.”

During our Manly Monday event, which we hosted last Monday at our SoHo studio in collaboration with Bardstown Bourbon Company for our loyal customers, we asked some attendees whether they believe men should get manicures.

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Let’s get to it!

Question 1: Who are you?

Tias: My name is Tias and I’m the studio manager of the SoHo location.

Sourajit: I’m Sourajit Dey and I’m 29 years old.

Eric: My name is Eric Sher.

Jimmy: My name is Jimmy Vargas and I work for Bardstown Bourbon Company.

Question 2: Have you gotten a manicure done before? 

Tias: So before I worked at sundays, I got maybe one manicure in my life, and then I got a second one before the job interview to try and look my best for it. I realized just how refreshing they can be and what a wonderful experience they are. Since working here, I’ve gotten at least one a month.

Sourajit: The last time I got a manicure was before COVID, and the funny thing is the place ended up getting shut down, so it’s been a while.

Eric: I get them pretty regularly, either every week or every other week.

Jimmy: For sure, I’ve gotten plenty of manicures, they’re fantastic.

Question 3: Are manicures for men? 

Tias: Yes, they’re definitely for everyone whether you do polish or not. They’re a fun way to either express yourself or take care of yourself and have a little bit of spa treatment, self-love time.

Sourajit: I think manicures are for just anyone regardless of how or what you identify as. It’s just a thing that can help you relax, like doing yoga or going to the spa. It’s all health and wellness so anything that rejuvenates you, you should do that. For me, growing up, I love hip-hop, and I see so many rappers wearing it (nail polish). I love KPop, and there are so many KPop stars that wear it. There shouldn’t be a gender norm. Today, I’m so psyched to get my cuticles fixed and do this on a regular basis, so yeah, manicures are for everyone.

Eric: Yes, they’re for everyone. I get them done because I like to be neat and also work with the public. I’m a hotel concierge, and I will often have a map out in front of me or I’ll be writing down notes for my guests and I don’t want my nails to look gnarly and gross.

Jimmy: Yeah of course. Who doesn’t like to have fresh-looking, cool, feeling-good, pretty hands? It’s awesome. It’s also relaxing and very therapeutic. You relax, feel good about yourself, and have that confidence when you leave. It’s great.

Final Thoughts On Men Getting Manicures

Manicures are for everyone. Anyone can enjoy manicures as a way to relax and pamper themselves during the summer season. Taking care of your nails is important regardless of gender and can help you look polished. Those who appreciate grooming routines may discover that getting a manicure improves their overall appearance and self-assurance. Furthermore, well-kept nails can make a favorable impression in personal and work environments, making it a valuable self-care habit.

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