Alyssa Brieloff is a Reiki healer who is living a holistic lifestyle through food, movement, and mindset rituals

About Alyssa Brieloff

I am a Reiki healer, spiritual Soulpreneur, and content creator. You will find me living a holistic lifestyle through food, movement, and mindset rituals. Practicing my spiritual health through energy work, crystals, and working with the cosmos. I love living life with intention in everything I do, create and consume.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me is doing things that help me feel my best. It’s being in alignment with my energy and authentic and doing what my body needs, not what others are doing. Whether it’s doing meditation, taking a bath, or moving my body. It’s showing my mind + body love by taking care of it the best way I can. I love to research ingredients and find better alternatives, I love the make fun recipes healthier or more gut-friendly, and I love to take moments of stillness to be present and connect with myself.

What are some of your favorite tips or tricks from your wellness ritual ? Did you learn anything new or interesting recently?

Wellness needs to work with you and your schedule! I love habit stacking my wellness routine so that I get all of the important routines done and I feel good all day. For example, I always tongue scrape right after brushing my teeth and then I have lemon water. I always meditate and then I reward myself by going on social media or doing something that feels like a treat. For anyone trying something new like meditation, I think habit staking is a great way to start incorporating a routine. Our brain loves repetition so over time this will feel natural and part of your everyday life.

Have you always been into wellness or did you one day realize the importance of it?

I have always been fascinated by wellness and living well. Growing up I ate healthy foods and we lived right next to a farm. We would get local produce and milk from there and it was normal. I grew up going to crystal stores and getting reiki and spirituality was always part of my life. As I got older and had some health issues, I realized the importance of taking care of myself through food and healthy habits. I began looking at my ingredients and what I was putting into my body through food, skincare, and even my thoughts. I took a course in yoga in college which really opened my eyes to the mind-body connection. I became reiki certified to help myself and others with this energy healing modality. I have continued to take care of my health through natural products and organic food when possible. I use wellness tools that have become part of my toolbox that I turn to when I need support. I notice a difference when I take care of myself and when I don’t. You only have one life and one body and it’s important to give it love and be kind to it.

Do you have any guilty pleasures or is it important for you to live this life 24/7? How do you view “guilty pleasures”?

I don’t feel guilty when I am enjoying life or doing something that may be considered a pleasure. To me, life is all about feeling pleasure and doing things that make you feel good. Sometimes, that’s sleeping in instead of doing my morning routine, sometimes it could be watching tv instead of reading a book. Especially when I am on vacation or away from my environment I make sure I am not too rigid with my routine. It’s nice to take a break from all of our tools and sometimes just be in the moment enjoying everything. Then I always appreciate my wellness tools even more when I come back to them. I know they will always be there.

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  1. Hi.. really enjoyed your article.. wondered if you can share your skincare, crystals that you use.. I am in need of clean beauty.. inside and out.. any
    Information would be greatly received..
    Light&Love.. Mary


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