Why Use a Soy-Based Polish Remover? One Word: Hydration

Your nails should look beautiful even after you remove your nail polish. Polish removal is not always the most enjoyable experience, especially if you’re getting rid of the beautiful nail art you worked so hard on. But then again there’s also a quite satisfying side of polish removal, as you’re letting your nails breathe and starting over, getting your nails ready for your next masterpiece. But sometimes, some acetone based polish removers can leave your nails dry and often have an uncomfortable scent. So it’s important to take care of your nails and make sure you’re giving them the hydration they need.   


For sundays being an all non-toxic wellness brand, the clear next step was creating a healthy, mindful nail polish remover. Our non-acetone remover is a gentler version of nail polish remover with a pleasant sweet smell, infused with grapefruit essential oils. Much like sundays candles, we created our nail polish remover scent to be pleasant to smell and soothing to use. Creating a soy based nail polish remover is believe it or not quite similar to soap making. The active ingredient is Methyl soyate (aka soybean oil methyl ester, or methyl oleate/palmitate/linoleate/stearate), formed from reacting soybean oil with methanol. It’s also known for being a biodiesel. When comparing a soybean oil vs. acetone based polish remover, the reason that our soy polish remover might be a wiser choice for nail care is because it’s infused with vitamin A,C,E, and super hydrating. So after removing your polish your nails won’t feel as dry. 



Every ingredient was mindfully added taking the health and well being of our sundays family in mind. Infused with vitamins A, C and E, the remover restores the health of your nails giving them a necessary boost and glow. The specific form of Vitamin E used in our remover is typically used in skin care products and supplements to ensure that your nails have all the hydration they need after removing nail polish. Why shouldn’t your nails look beautiful even after removing nail polish? In addition to being vitamin-packed, sundays nail polish contains castor oil, which promotes nail growth and is anti-inflammatory while also a natural moisturizer. Your nails will look beautiful and healthy!


A soy-based polish remover keeps your nails healthy and strong, while also ready for nail polish application. So you don’t have to feel bad for applying polish right after you’ve removed it or worried that your nails are getting damaged. Even if you just want to give your nails a little breather from nail polish, our all-natural polish remover keeps your nails looking pretty without all the unhealthy stuff. 


We hope this inspired you to make the switch to a soy based remover! Although there are some great mild acetone-based removers out there, using a soy based remover has many health and beauty benefits like adding that extra hydration to your nails with necessary vitamins and oils, while also having a pleasant smell that almost makes it enjoyable to remove polish!


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