Tips and tricks to get silky smooth feet at home

Even though we’re not going out as much, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel our most confident at home. Sometimes a small act like giving a little love to our feet is enough to make us look good and feel good. We often give more attention to our hands, but today we encourage you to give your feet the attention they deserve with an at-home exfoliation! Trust us your feet will thank you. So here are some tips and tricks for silky smooth and most importantly happy feet!


  • First, how often should you exfoliate? 

Our answer is that it really depends on how dry your feet are. If your feet aren’t severely dry, we recommend scrubbing once every two weeks. But if you’re facing severe dryness, try scrubbing at least once a week!


  • What methods should you use?

If you’re chemical-sensitive, we recommend using gentle ingredients such as mineral sea salt, lemon, and oil to soften the skin and remove the dead skin manually with a foot file. The natural method is not as effective as acids like glycolic but it doesn’t cause any redness or irritation on your skin. 


  • What tools should you use and when? 

Pumice stone is a more gentle tool for exfoliation, so we would recommend using it if your feet aren’t too rough to touch and to remove dead skin. While a foot file is more effective when removing, dry, thick skin. But regardless, you should always be gentle when filing! 

Also, you may use a foot file when you “dry” file your feet. 


  • What technique should you use when filing feet? 

Less is more. Over filing is a big mistake people make when filing their feet. Being too rough when filing can hurt your skin and cause more damage, essentially making your skin rougher. Because calluses grow for a reason-they might be there to create a barrier from rubbing against your shoes. 

Pro tip: Add foot scrub instead of filing on just dry skin. If your foot scrub seems too dry, we recommend adding a drop of cuticle oil to make the process smoother.


To learn how to do an at-home pedi, read our blog or watch our IGTV!


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