Self-reflection is self-care

Digging in deep and acknowledging our feelings can sometimes be uncomfortable but it’s an important step towards self-love and acceptance. We are the only ones present in our bodies and therefore should make it a wonderful place to be in. But it takes a few steps and building blocks to reach that level of being comfortable with self-reflection, no matter how wonderful or discomforting it might be.

 Sometimes we might fill our time with life’s distractions like technology, work, relationships, or have good intentions to carve out space for ourselves but never get there. So today we encourage you to do just that. Grab a notebook and make today just for you.

 Here are some methods you can use for self-reflection and self-love.


1. Write a letter to your younger self


As we grow in age so does our self-awareness. Writing a letter to your younger self is a great way to reflect on where you were and where you are now. As our younger selves, there are things that we might have taken for granted, there are misconceptions we might have held about our sense of self, our identity or self-image, our friends or family. We might have had these burdens that as adults we might not even see as burdens, and yet, that’s still something to be proud of. At the same time, we might remember the innocence of our youth, the glimpse of an interest or hobby that would later grow into a fully-fledged passion in your older life. There are so many wonderful things to remember. So, slow down and savor this moment to take a pen and paper and get writing!


 2. Make time to journal


Journaling is a healthy daily habit that all of us can make time for. Just take 5 minutes of your day to write down your thoughts. It’s also a wonderful way to relieve anxiety and a great start to your day. Make sure you write down the dates every time you journal, so you can look back at where you were a week ago, a month ago or a year ago. So you can be proud of the wonderful growth you’ve gone through big or small. 


3. Write a self-care love letter


Every time you’re feeling down take a minute to write a self-care love letter appreciating everything you’ve achieved. Whether it’s being a wonderful mom/dad, getting your dream job, or doing things you love, or even living through this tough pandemic you should be proud of yourself. So, write those kind words down on a piece of paper and put them away somewhere safe where you can always go back to have a little reminder to take care of yourself. Read more about how to write a self-care love letter here.



4. Look at old photos and say thanks!
Since the pandemic hit, we’ve probably spent some time scrolling through photos and reminiscing about old times. A picture says a thousand words and looking at old snapshots can feel like looking through a window of a past memory. These can help trigger fond memories of where we’ve been, times we’ve shared with friends or loved ones. Use this as a moment to think about how you’ve changed or even write yourself a love-letter to say thank you for giving yourself this experience.

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