Why Use a Soy-Based Polish Remover? One Word: Hydration

Your nails should look beautiful even after you remove your nail polish. Polish removal is not always the most enjoyable experience, especially if you’re getting rid of the beautiful nail art you worked so hard on. But then again there’s also a quite satisfying side of polish removal, as you’re letting your nails breathe and … Read more

To All the Moms that Make Our Lives Special

Happy Mother’s Day from sundays family!   You may or may not be a mom but all of us can celebrate this day for someone. We all might have a mom or know a mom, who loves, supports, educates and helps the family grow. Being a mom is a beautiful, rewarding role and a lot of … Read more

Easy Steps to a Natural, Long-lasting and Shiny Buff Manicure

Doing a buff mani is the perfect way to give your hands a little love and your mind a relaxing break. A buff mani is special because it gives your nails a long-lasting shine, so you can be confident even without adding nail polish. Our founder, Amy Lin put together a buff mani tutorial to … Read more

Take a look WTHN with Shari Auth

Shari Auth, the co-founder of acupuncture and wellness brand WTHN is no stranger to the work it takes to take care of both mental and physical health. The whole idea behind WTHN is a holistic approach to living, making sure our bodies are healthy and minds are happy.  As we are spending time at home, … Read more

Why Use a Non-toxic Candle?

“I’ve always wanted to create a wellness nail care brand committed to making clients look good and feel good. From the nontoxic nail care products we use, to the organic tea you drink at sundays studio, to the scent you smell the moment you walk in to our studio, I’ve always been passionate about creating … Read more

Mindful Tips from Ellie Burrows Gluck, the co-founder of MNDFL

“I don’t try to stay positive all the time – that’s my favorite way to stay positive sometimes. In fact, meditation has really helped me learn how to be ok with experiencing strong emotions like discomfort, sadness, anger or anxiety – you know, the kind of emotions we wish we didn’t have to feel….ever.” -Ellie … Read more

Amy’s Tips on How To Stay Positive

Now, more than ever mental health should be a priority for all of us. But sometimes it’s hard to prioritize when there is so much happening around us. It’s natural to feel mentally drained and sometimes not in control over your thoughts. But you should know that you have control over how you’re feeling and … Read more

Amy’s spring Nail Art Tips

With the warm and sunny spring days coming, it’s an ideal time to try out a little nail art. We know it’s difficult to not be able to spend your time outdoors but why not spend the time at-home doing something fun and relaxing for yourself. Just concentrating on doing your nail art can be … Read more

Being Mindful Despite the Challenges: Daily Affirmations to Help Ease Anxiety

At sundays we want to make our clients look good and feel good. We believe beauty is inside and out and that there is no amount of makeup that can replace your beautiful smile or cover what you’re feeling inside. During difficult times like these, it’s natural to feel stressed and sometimes powerless, but it’s … Read more

Easy at-home pedicure with Amy

Being able to do an at-home manicure is one thing, but doing a pedicure is a completely different situation. Especially if you don’t have professional salon tools at-home, in particular a pedicure chair. But you’d be surprised at how much you can achieve with just the tools you already have at-home. A simple plastic tub … Read more