4 Easy Steps To A Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Living through a pandemic isn’t easy and it’s hard to know exactly how to best take care of ourselves but at sundays, we want to provide our community with some ideas that might be helpful to live the healthiest version of you. Since COVID-19, we have more reason to be careful now more than ever … Read more

Learn How To File Your Nails Into Your Favorite Nail Shape

Oval, squoval, square, round, stiletto, almond-there are so many different shapes that you can achieve by filing your nails. Having to pick how you want your nails to look can get overwhelming, but we all tend to gravitate towards that one nail shape that really makes us feel confident and happy to look down at … Read more

How to do your nails with your family like Jessica Alba

Doing a manicure for sundays represents a moment to take a look within, ease one’s mind, and to be present. It is a moment to be cherished because it’s a moment you’re dedicating to taking care of yourself. But why not share this special moment with those you love? We take pride in being non-toxic … Read more

Why Cuticle Oils Are Perfect For Everyday Use 

“It’s important to take care of cuticles especially if you do pedicures every 2 to 3 weeks (toes nails grow slower than nails on our hands) the dead skins will accumulate around the cuticle area and if we wear closed-toe shoes whole day, the bacterial might build up around your toenails and cuticle area. It … Read more

Ariana Adams, The Founder Of Milk & Honey Babies Shares Her BLM Message

“The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery highlight that Black lives in this country are deemed, by some, as less worthy of dignity, compassion, justice, and protection.” -Ariana Adams   Maybe the Black Lives Matter protests aren’t as frequent, but the conversation must continue. We all need to keep learning, listening, … Read more

Celebrating The Summer Nostalgia In Our New Normal

Summer is in full swing and it has us all reminiscing of memories shared with people we love or our summer vacation getaways. Wanderlust is real, am I right?  This feeling can make us feel discouraged and nostalgic seeking those positive memories connected to Summer. But although we can’t make quite the same memories because … Read more

The Secret to Hydrated Hands & Nails

The pandemic has made us think about the health of our hands now more than ever. With the excessive washing come dry hands. We’re also fully in summer now, so it doesn’t help that our hands are exposed to harmful U.V rays and constantly dehydrated. Hand cream might not cut it anymore to restore the … Read more

Precious Moments With Dad

Happy Father’s Day! We want to thank all the men out there that have been a role model to us,  been there for us, and actively taught us and the children in their lives important life skills. Dads deserve a little pat on the shoulder, to hear our appreciation of the moments we have with … Read more

Safety Measures We’re Implementing For Reopening

We are beyond excited to be reopening our doors! But with that come certain safety measures we have to adhere to. Although we’re excited to see your faces at our studios, your safety is the most important thing to us. With that being said, we put together some safety measures we are implementing so you … Read more