Nail Care Is the New Skincare

We pay so much attention to our skincare routine, nourishing our body with everything it needs from the necessary vitamins to extra hydration. But we often neglect our hands and nails, not making them a priority when it comes to our self-care routines. We look down at our hands so often, so it’s important that … Read more

Dear Dad, Love sundays Team

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it has us thinking about special moments with dads in our lives. Whether it’s our dads, grandpas our dads we know and admire, this is the time where we can tell just how much we appreciate everything they’ve for us and for everyone around them. So in … Read more

Have Your Voice Be Heard

The events of racism and injustice that we’re encountering in the world right now are truly heartbreaking. But this is also a time of change, a time for us to help a fellow human in little ways we can. What keeps this world together and all of its people together is our love and compassion … Read more

The Sleep Sweep By Jenni Dawes

Forget the lavender oil. This powerful technique works from the inside out to clear emotions and built-up anxiety, ensuring that you’re able to fall – and stay – asleep. What are the actions you typically take before bed? Wash your face, brush your teeth, cleanse your mind. Wait, you probably didn’t do that last one … Read more

All the Essentials for a Blissful Sunday

Sundays are meant for unwinding and dedicating to yourself. It’s an ideal time to take a look inward and pay attention to yourself and your own needs. What makes you happy? What is a little way you can make your Sunday special for yourself? It might be something as little as making yourself a cup … Read more

Staying Mentally and Physically Fit with Danielle Duboise

Sometimes certain lows are necessary to get to a point where we discover ourselves and the path we’re meant to take. Danielle Duboise, the co-founder of Sakara Life, a nutrition lifestyle brand that focuses on healthy eating and living found herself at this point and discovered that the only way she could get herself out … Read more

The Celebration of You

May is always a beautiful month and a big milestone for many of us. From celebrations like Mother’s Day, Labor Day, graduation, and even weddings, May is a month full of joy and excitement. However, this May is a little different for all of us. We have to stay inside and might have to miss … Read more

Why Use a Soy-Based Polish Remover? One Word: Hydration

Your nails should look beautiful even after you remove your nail polish. Polish removal is not always the most enjoyable experience, especially if you’re getting rid of the beautiful nail art you worked so hard on. But then again there’s also a quite satisfying side of polish removal, as you’re letting your nails breathe and … Read more

To All the Moms that Make Our Lives Special

Happy Mother’s Day from sundays family!   You may or may not be a mom but all of us can celebrate this day for someone. We all might have a mom or know a mom, who loves, supports, educates and helps the family grow. Being a mom is a beautiful, rewarding role and a lot of … Read more

Easy Steps to a Natural, Long-lasting and Shiny Buff Manicure

Doing a buff mani is the perfect way to give your hands a little love and your mind a relaxing break. A buff mani is special because it gives your nails a long-lasting shine, so you can be confident even without adding nail polish. Our founder, Amy Lin put together a buff mani tutorial to … Read more