Nordic Living: Love at the first sight

The first thing people ask when they step into sundays, is “What was the inspiration behind this space?” Many of the pieces were inspired by Nordic designs. One day, I saw this beautiful picture: a landscape covered in fluffy white snow,  with a small wooden house in the distance glowing with warm light. I started to imagine our studio as that house. A warm refuge, in a cold city, welcoming people home. That is the concept behind sundays studio. I want to create a warm and friendly place for every guest to feel as though they are within a relaxing, cozy home.


I saved a lot of images related to interior design on Pinterest, and began to realize that they were all Scandinavian designs. After contacting a few design studios, and setting up meetings, I made the decision to fly to Denmark.  Although I had never been to any Scandinavian countries, I followed my heart and hopped on a 10 hour flight to Copenhagen all on my own. I didn’t know what to expect, but was so excited to see where this adventure would take me!

The city didn’t disappoint me. It was cold and raining the whole time I was there, however, the second I stepped inside the studio, I could feel the instant coziness (they call it Hygge). I fell in love with the clean and timeless style that offered endless amounts of warmth. Although I was thousands of miles away, I felt like I was right at home.

The trip inspired me in many ways.  I really admire the positive outlook on life that I witnessed. I will never forget when a local told me “The harsh weather is something we can’t change, but we can always change the things we are in control of; such as the interior.” Instead of complaining about the weather, they made the most of it.

I also really admire the people there for being environmentally conscious. For example, they care a lot of about the social elements behind a brand, and even take public transportation or bike everywhere (even on a cold winter day). It is quite impressive.

I was recommended to take the bus in Copenhagen and was told that it was almost always on time. However,  I ended up spending 10 minutes in the cold rain waiting for the bus to come because of a delay. I was so surprised by how calm everyone around me was. No cursing or yelling, like I have seen one too many times back in the NYC train stations. After waiting for a while, I began to feel frustrated, but came to the realization that getting upset would not make the bus appear any sooner. That epiphany has stuck with me to this day. I adapted a lot of things I learned from Copenhagen, from nail polish color to furniture design, to the values such as being environmentally conscious and mindful about the things we don’t have control of.

We are a studio that really focuses on health and wellness. I will make it my mission to always share my experiences with you. I see sundays as a growing child; she tried, she listened, she learned, she reflected, and she became better. I welcome feedback from you, good or bad, to make sundays studio a better place.


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