Nadine Gazawi Focuses On Lean Methodologies and Principles For Intelligent Leadership

Nadine is a global communication expert with 16 years of experience across the globe, worked with big brands and companies such as Government of Dubai, Kimberly Clark, Dow, Coca Cola, Burj Khalifa, Virgin mobile and many more. After 10 years living in Dubai, she moved to the United States to live with her family and during her transitional phase that started in 2020, she took the opportunity to study nutrition, fitness, trauma-mental health and mindfulness integration. She gained many certifications in holistic health, while still working in corporate jobs. She’s now offering and participating in online and physical groups (educational, social, DEI talks, writing club, health talks, charity). Click here to learn more about her work.

What are some of your favorite tips or tricks from your wellness ritual ? Did you learn anything new or interesting recently?

Having a morning routine is essential for determining your path in general and it’s a wellness ritual that I am happy to share with everyone 🙂

What advice would you give your younger self around wellness?

Having a supporting environment is what I would give my younger-self as an advice which is related to mental wellness that lead to the holistic wellness of a human.

How do you view “guilty pleasures”?

Well I removed the “guilty” part of it and just let “pleasures” get into my life as I know when this happen, it means that I need it. Having an understanding that humans go through phases is part of being a human.

How do you get back on track once you fall off the wagon?

I get back gradually, I don’t force myself into anything but I do know that one step is better than no step.

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